Game Description
Title Screen The good news: A festival is being held in honor of Mega Man and his tireless heroics! The bad news: Dr. Wily shows up to ruin the fun, and basically everything at the festival tries to kill our hero. Mega Man must conquer an array of eclectic challenges in order to restore peace!

Inspired by the Super Mario-themed Make a Good Level contests, this is the game that launched the largest and most ambitious Mega Man fangame series ever. In contrast with later installments, MaGMML1 is built in Blyka's Engine, contains a small number of contestant-submitted levels, gives the player a limited number of lives, and has relatively few extras and special features. The judging rubric, copied from Make a Good Level Contest X2, is borderline incomprehensible. The special weapons, decided by popular vote, are somewhat redundant due to how the voting was set up. Arguably the biggest distinguishing feature, however, is that the game is absolutely full of bugs.

Regardless of the quirks, the game still built the foundation for the bigger and more polished games that followed it. Five people judge levels based on certain criteria, levels are placed into tiers, Wily levels are made by the judges, and everything is compiled into a big game in the end. On top of that, the game is full of humor (intentional and otherwise), and there are several memorable (and infamous) levels that any fan of the series should experience at least once. History must be preserved! Play at your own risk - there are loads of glitches and the whole game is full of jank.

Download MaGMML1 (v1.6)
Updated Jun 14, 2016
NOTE: If you've never played MaGMML1 before, we encourage you to try the remastered version first.

Download Mirrors (124 mb) Downloads are compatible with the latest version of Windows available at the time of release. Please report any broken links or technical issues via social media (links at the bottom of the page).

Glass Man art by Phusion
  • 26 regular levels and around 20 bosses to blast through.
  • 10 special weapons and utilities, including such favorites as Metal Blade, Top Spin, Thunder Wool, and a hilariously dysfunctional Rush Jet.
  • A shop with several different upgrades to buy, including a Proto Man costume.
  • Several secrets, such as a hidden boss fight and a boss rush Arena.
  • An easy-to-navigate hub world populated with fun and silly NPCs.
  • Customizable keyboard controls (try Joy to Key if you'd prefer to use a controller).
  • Loads of ridiculous bugs to provide hours of entertainment and/or inspire you to try the remastered version.


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