Game Description
Title Screen The good news: Mega Man's heroics are once again being celebrated with a festival, this one even bigger than the last! The bad news: Actually...things look pretty safe this time, and it's highly unlikely that Dr. Wily will try to destroy reality as we know it with a gigantic space cannon, so there's probably no bad news at all. Just enjoy all the creative, wacky, unique, and unusual simulations the festival has to offer, and say hello to that mysterious figure who seems to be watching you...

MaGMML2 expands and improves on MaGMML1 in almost every way. Built in Mega Engine and subjected to more extensive playtesting, the game runs smoothly (you can actually ride Rush Jet this time!) and offers several new configuration options. The judging rubric has been refined, and judge comments cover the highs and lows of each level in greater depth. A new collectible and many more assets were available to the level designers, allowing for even more variety in the gameplay. Several features have been added to keep things fresh, and there's enough bonus content to keep you entertained long after you've completed the contestant-submitted levels.

Download MaGMML2 (v1.4)
Updated Mar 5, 2018
Download Mirrors (369 mb) Downloads are compatible with the latest version of Windows available at the time of release. Please report any broken links or technical issues via social media (links at the bottom of the page).

Alter Man art by Phusion
  • Over 100 regular levels and more than 90 bosses to blast through - that's more than all six NES Mega Man games combined.
  • 24 special weapons and utilities, including Flash Stopper, Hornet Chaser, Sakugarne, Super Arrow, and the all-new Force Beam and Match Blast.
  • 32 Challenges to complete, 220 Noble Nickels to collect, and a secret Green Star Mode - completionists will have PLENTY to do.
  • 28 costumes - including Roll, Beck from Mighty No. 9, and Sonic the Hedgehog - plus an unlockable option to import custom costumes.
  • 3 boss rush Arenas and the daunting Pit of Pits, a randomized gauntlet of 120 mini-levels.
  • A sprawling hub world to explore, full of fun secrets to discover.
  • Buyable upgrades, including an improved charge shot and protection from fatal blows.
  • Major quality of life improvements over MaGMML1, such as infinite lives and an option to skip some levels.
  • Numerous configuration options, including customizable controls, a language filter, and (highly experimental) cooperative play with up to 8 players.


MaGMML2 on Social Media
To discuss MaGMML2 and keep up to date on all the latest MaGMML news, we invite you to join us on social media: Also, we've preserved the original MaGMML2-specific Discord server that was used during the entry period. You can't post new messages there anymore, but some historian someday might think it's interesting.