QUESTION: It's been 2 years since the contest closed. Where are the results? Is the game canceled?

ANSWER: We're still working on MaGMML3, and we have the screenshots to prove it (see below)! We expect to announce the results and release the game in 2021. There are three main reasons why this is taking so long:
  1. Judging 170+ levels is more physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding than anyone expected, and circumstances beyond anyone's control have continually made it difficult for the judges to continue at a steady pace. Wrist surgery and unforeseen reductions in free time are just two of many hurdles the judges have faced.
  2. Some projects are on hold until all judges have at least played all the levels, and other projects cannot be started without finalized scores and reviews.
  3. The MaGMML3 devteam consists of many people who are also working on MaG48HMML (which has been in development longer than MaGMML3) and/or who worked on MaGMML:EZ (which was in development for about a year and a half). Split focus and shifting priorities have contributed to MaGMML3's slow development.
We're doing what we can to speed things up, but a lot of progress has already been made. Here's where things stand:
  • 81% of the levels have been played by four or five judges, and 37% have been reviewed by four or five judges. Two judges have finished judging. You can see everyone's progress here.
  • All 176 entry levels are fully playable.
  • All 270 mini-levels for the Neo Pit of Pits are fully playable.
  • Several tier bosses and about one-quarter of the tier hubs are finished or in progress.
  • Two judge levels are in progress, and the remaining three are in various stages of planning.
  • Tutorial levels have been created for several special weapons.
  • About 20 costumes are ready for use, with another dozen or so planned or in progress.
  • Preliminary progress has been made to honor the winners of the Make a Good Mega Man Robot Master contest.
  • Numerous other things are planned or in progress, including arenas and a shop.


Real-Time MaGMML3 Updates
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