It's been over a year since the contest ended. Have the results been announced? Is the game ready yet?

The short answer is: nope!

A whopping 185 levels were submitted for the contest, many of which are extremely difficult, full of secrets, and/or the length of an entire game (seriously). On a first playthrough, any given level could take anywhere from under 10 minutes to over an hour! And then the judges replay each level, rewatch their recorded playthroughs, consult their notes, discuss issues with the devteam and each other, assign scores, write thoughtful and detailed reviews, and revise those scores and reviews as needed. It's estimated that each judge will have written more than 50,000 words (the length of a small novel) by the time judging is over.

On top of that, the judges are working on their own levels. Based on how long the contest entry period was, the judges could easily devote 2 or 3 months solely to planning, building, playtesting, and refining their creations. And that's to say nothing of any other involvement they may have with the game: programming tier bosses, writing NPC dialogue, keeping this website updated, etc.

As if that weren't enough, the judges have lives outside of the contest. From the ordinary (work/school) to the extraordinary (recovering from wrist surgery), there's no shortage of things preventing them from spending all day every day on judging. And even when they have the time, there's no guarantee they'll have the energy and desire. Judging is a tremendous project with a lot of pressure; it can't be rushed if it's going to be done right.

Fortunately, the devteam is actively working on the game in the meantime. Custom music and graphics, tier layouts, and all sorts of bonus features are currently planned, in progress, or finished. It's not an exaggeration to say that MaGMML3 will be the largest Mega Man fangame of all time, making even MaGMML2 look small in comparison. There's a lot to do.

For now, we can link you to this tracker, where you can monitor judging progress. Two judges have already finished judging, and one other judge is getting close. We'll post more info when we've got something more concrete to report. Thanks for sticking with us!

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