Abyss Balcony

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Wily Stage 1 : Abyss Balcony

Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level

When you get the pattern down, it's as easy as 3, 2, 1...KABOOM!

Abyss Balcony is the first Wily stage in Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level. It is a level focused mainly on platforming challenges including Count Bombs, Mega Man 2 Cloud Platforms, and Springs.


The level starts in a long room with several Nobitas, as well as a Lightning Lord on a Mega Man 2 Cloud Platform at the end of it. Three Super Arm Blocks are provided to make dealing with the Lightning Lord easier. Going right leads to a series of Count Bomb jumps, with an upside-down Nobita serving as an additional obstacle. Following this is another longer room with several Springs, ending with yet another Lightning Lord near a Super Arm Block. After going through this room plus a room with a cloud-less Lightning Lord accompanying a single Nobita, Mega Man faces a room where he must traverse a Cloud Platform and jump on springs while minding Nobitas and Lightning Lords, one of which initially occupies the single Cloud Platform. Only one Super Arm Block is provided, so a choice of which Lightning Lord to take out must be made (unless a Nobita is hit instead, intentionally or otherwise).

The next room is another Count Bomb area, with two Nobitas and a pair of Springs alongside them. Going to the right through an empty room and climbing up the ladder at the end of it leads to a spike pit that must be crossed by riding a Cloud Platform initially occupied by a Lightning Lord. No Super Arm Blocks are available this time, and several Nobitas appear to further complicate the process. The next room is a long stretch with both Count Bomb jumps and Spring jumps under spiked ceilings, followed by a room combining Springs with Count Bombs, then a room combining a Cloud Platform with Count Bombs. After this is an empty room with springs leading to a boss gate, with the battle against Giga Count behind it.

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