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BBLIR is the creator of Forgotten Fortress and 10 levels in the Pit of Pits:

  • Spinning Top Disposal Room (name origin: Komasaburo at the beginning)
  • To the top (name origin: the elevator gimmick)
  • Forgotten Fortress (name origin obvious)
  • Flippin' Tops (name origins: gravity gimmick, Top Man's tileset)
  • Towerfall (name origin: Dark Man 4 gimmick)
  • No Room To Breathe (name origin: tight corridors, Air Man tileset, Fan Fiends)
  • Ground eater (name origin: Rolling Drill's ability to drill the ground)
  • Wily Sewer Entrance (name origin: downwards progression)
  • Citadel Attic (name origin: Cossack 3 tileset, also refference to Citadel Basement)
  • Mega Lift (name origin: Crash Man platform)


  • If you ever wondered what BBLIR means, it's from Beyblade; Beyblade Let It Rip!
  • The Pit of Pits level Citadel Attic has a secret room containing a lot of bolts, an E tanks and M tank at the very right, where the Rolling Drill drills the right wall.