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Chapter 1 : Contra Base

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

30 lives code? Who needs that when I have infinite lives?

Contra Base is the fourth/fifth level in Chapter 1 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero, and is unlocked simultaneously with Kingdom Crisis. Based heavily off of the NES game Contra, Zero stumbles across a military base within a rocky mountain, populated with numerous security robots, turrets, and electrical traps. However, the deepest parts of the base are more visceral, and filled with alien creatures, culminating in a battle with a giant heart and the statue Dethgerbis. Frequently, the path forward will be blocked off until he destroys all of the orb-like Shouds in the current area; something that the Z-Burst can do with relative ease.


The stage begins with Zero encountering four enemies that recur throughout the stage; three of them are modified versions of Colton, Crystal Joe, and Pelicanu, while the fourth are Flying Capsules that will always drop large Bolts when destroyed. Shortly afterwards, Zero reaches a waterfall, and must scale it using Tomahawk Platforms and top-solid terrain while avoiding the aforementioned enemies, with Wall Cannons also appearing as a threat. At the top of the waterfall, there are more Pelicanus, Crystal Joes, and even a wide pit. After crossing said pit, Zero will find a structure on top of a boss door, guarded by Wall Cannons and a Colton, with a Shoud lying within. By destroying this Shoud, he can enter the base itself.

Inside, Zero is kept to a small space by a Thunder Trap, with Telly Xs and Gelguges attacking him from the other side. To proceed, he must destroy every Shoud onscreen to open a passage to the right, leading to the first checkpoint. A long corridor follows, with Thunder Traps on the top and bottom that will damage Zero if he jumps too high or falls to the bottom; to cross safely, he needs to shoot open Plantman Platforms. From here, Zero is faced with several rooms similar to the first, where he is trapped in a small area and needs to destroy every Shoud to progress. Because of its wide range and power, the Z-Burst is a valuable tool in these rooms, capable of clearing them very quickly. The Blank Drive with the Cutter Chip equipped can be a viable backup if the Z-Burst's energy rins out. A three-screen long drop precedes the third checkpoint, with a Bugger creeping around on the bottom out of harm's way. To progress, Zero must climb his way back up the drop via a winding chain of rooms before encountering two more Shoud rooms, the last of which contains a "maze" of Thunder Traps. If Zero has the health to spare, he can drop through the electricity, but a large Bolt can be obtained with careful movement.

Dropping to the bottom, Zero encounters an Eggron, before returning to the checkpoint screen, now in the Bugger's area. Down below, two Wadders will try to shoot at Zero as alien viscera replaces the metallic tiles of the base, before he comes to the fourth checkpoint. Another vertical climb follows, this time relying on shooting open Plantman Platforms while Wadders and Pelicanu attack Zero. Both the Z-Burst and Cutter Drive are very useful for destroying them and opening numerous platforms at once, as is the Z-Saber if used with the Cutter Chip. After the climb is a hallway filled with Wadders and Pelicanu that try to knock Zero into a pit, before he comes across the giant Gomeramos King. Though harmless by itself, it is protected by Wadders and Bugger-spawning Eggrons, which Zero has the option of destroying to make the battle easier. Upon defeating the giant heart, Zero can enter the boss door on the bottom, and is rewarded with large Health Energy and large Weapon Energy pickups. In the screen directly below, Dethgerbis awaits.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Contra Base?

You should probably get out of there quickly. That base has been a real pain for my plans for a long time.

Every time I attack the city, they add more to it. It's insulting, you know? It cramps my style.

And I always had this weird feeling that it was hiding something, too. So, you stupid base, don't act like you're above me!

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Contra Base?

That military base was built around researching some "unidentified relic".

But something happened on the inside that caused them to lock down the place.

Each checkpoint in that area is guarded by a core that protects the gate. Destroying it should open the way forward.

The enemies there are also modifications of known production models, built to guard anything from entering or leaving.

Most are more militarized straightshots, but the Pelicanu were equipped with napalm blasts!

The inner base also has flying platforms which you need to shoot to open, though a Z-Saber slash should also work.

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Gomeramos King Gomeramos King?

Oh, come on, you seriously can't believe that counts as an opponent, do you?! It literally just stands there,
doing nothing!

It's so useless it needs to be surrounded by enemies you can easily take out with your Z-Burst, which also
damages it a lot because it's a massive stationary target!!!

Dethgerbis Dethgerbis?

To be honest with you, that entire place gives me the creeps, but that statue in particular is really freaky too...

A warrior doesn't let fear consume him, though!

Try to destroy its chest first if you want to avoid dealing with multiple projectiles at a time.

Using your Z-Burst would be a good idea since its wide range makes it able to hit the target's chest, head and
any other enemies it might send at you all at once!

Don't just focus on its chest though. Dethgerbis can fire all kinds of projectiles from its head, so pay close
attention to the color in which its eye-holes flash!

...You're not colorblind, right?

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Military base... Hmm, good exotic taste... But not a fan of the horrible aliens.

I know you saw 'em! The weird flesh alien creatures and the skull guy! They're all fronts.

You'd think they're for some genetic conspiracy or something, but that's too obvious!

IN ACTUALITY, they've just been trying to perform heart surgery on a REALLY BIG PERSON!


Zero: You have now put undesirable images in my head.

Knives: GOOD.


  • When originally submitted, the music changed throughout the stage to various tracks from the original Contra. In the final game, the only Contra tracks used are the Jungle theme for the stage, and the boss music for the battle against Dethgerbis.

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