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It is your destiny! This article contains content on an upcoming game. Beware of any potential spoilers!

Flash Man's mugshot
Flash Man's mugshot
Flash Man
Artwork by Capcom
Artwork by Capcom
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Attack Damage: 4 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Weapon: Time Stopper
Weakness(es): Magnetic Shockwave3
Homing Sniper48H
Psycho Chip (Blank Drive)EZ
Metal Blade, Gemini Laser, Wheel Cutter, Chill Spike, Plant BarrierMegamix Only
Affiliations: Dr. Wily
Type: Time
Occupation: Combat Robot
Location(s): MaGMML: Episode Zero:
Null and Void
Misc. Information
Script: フラッシュマン
Romaji: Furasshuman
Programmer(s): NaOH
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Green
Series Information
Official Game Appearances: Mega Man 2
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
Mega Man: The Wily Wars
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaGMML(1R) (NPC)
MaGMML3 (Boss)
MaG48HMML (Boss)
MaGMML: Episode Zero (Boss)
Megamix Engine
MaGMML3 FlashMan.png

Flash Man is a boss from Mega Man 2. Dr. Wily built him with the ability to stop time itself, which is a power he abuses both for personal pleasure, and attacking a foe incapable of moving.

Flash Man appears in Make a Good Mega Man Level as an NPC in Tier 3, next to his namesake's level Maze of Death. He reappears as an NPC in the main hub of Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 outside the entrance to Tier 5, baffled at the seemingly random order of the tiers.

Flash Man was added as a premade boss with the release of the Megamix Engine, and serves as one of the eight Robot Masters in the Example Game. Furthermore, he also appears as a devkit boss in Make a Good Mega Man Level 3 and Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level. He makes his first actual appearance as a boss in Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero as part of Mega Man 2 NETA in Null and Void.


Flash Man will run back and forth across the room, jumping up when the fire button is pressed or when he is able to jump onto a raised area. He will periodically stop to use Time Stopper, freezing Mega Man in place. Flash Man will then fire a flurry of projectiles straight forward before Mega Man is able to move again. Flash Man will restart his pattern after this.

In the Hard Mode of the Megamix Engine's Example Game, Flash Man will sometimes try to fake Mega Man out by using a different flash sound effect, which he then follows up with a flurry of projectiles before jumping towards Mega Man and creating a time-stopping flash.

Damage Table[edit]

Make a Good Mega Man LevelMegamix Only[edit]

M.Buster M.Blade G.Laser S.Blaze T.Spin T.Wool B.H.Bomb P.Shot M.Card
2/2/4 4 4 2 1 2 1 2/4 2
Other Notes

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2Megamix Only[edit]

M.Buster H.Chaser J.Satellite G.Buster T.Blade F.Stopper S.Claw W.Cutter Sakugarne W.Adaptor S.Arrow
2/2/4 1 2 2 3 N 1 4 2 3 2
Other Notes

Make a Good Mega Man Level 3[edit]

M.Buster S.Chaser L.Trident W.Shield T.Blow T.Beam M.Shockwave I.Wall B.Dash
2/2/4 1 1 2 1 2 6 1 2
Other Notes

Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man LevelMegamix Only[edit]

M.Buster S.Arm C.Spike Skeletup n' Pakkajoe
2/2/4 2/2 2/4 99
Other Notes

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level[edit]

M.Buster F.Mixer R.Flush S.Shock S.Snake T.Blade S.Water C.Shot H.Sniper
2/2/4 2 1 0 1 2/1/2 2 2 4
Other Notes

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero[edit]

Z-Buster Z-Saber Z-Burst Blank Drive
No Chip 2 2 2 7
Cutter Chip 1 1 1 1
Flame Chip 2 2 2 2
Icicle Chip 2 2 2 2
Zap Chip 2 2 2 3
Psycho Chip 3 4 4 5
Other Notes

Megamix Engine[edit]

M.Buster T.Stopper P.Stone P.Barrier B.Dropper I.Slasher
2/2/4 N 2 6 2 2
Other Notes

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