Mega Man 6

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Mega Man 6
Megaman6 box.png
Mega Man 6 North American boxart

Mega Man 6 is the sixth game in the classic Mega Man series, and the last classic Mega Man game to be released on NES. Still sticking close to the formula Mega Man 4 set (down to the four castle stages belonging to a supposed new villain before Dr. Wily reveals himself), the main additions are the Rush Jet Adaptor and Rush Power Adaptor, which grant Mega Man the ability to fly for limited periods of time and destroy/push certain blocks, respectively.

Representation in MaGMML[edit]

Mega Man 6 has had very strong representation in the MaGMML series, to the point where every regular enemy and midboss became available for the devkit as early as Make a Good Mega Man Level 2.


Devkit Assets[edit]






  • Blizzard Man, Centaur Man, Knight Man, Plant Man, Wind Man, and Yamato Man appear as NPCs in the hubs of Make a Good Mega Man Level. They all reappear in MaGMML2, along with the missing Robot Masters Flame Man and Tomahawk Man. Knight Man, Tomahawk Man, and Yamato Man also appear as NPCs in Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero.
  • In MaGMML2, Knight Man will give Mega Man rewards for collecting certain amounts of Noble Nickels. He is also eventually fought as a superboss.
  • Yamato Man appears with a unique boss fight in the MaGMML: Episode Zero stage Mojo Dojo, in which he uses Tomahawk Man for one of his attacks. He becomes a Z-Phone contact after beating the stage, and will give Zero strategies on how to defeat bosses when called during a fight.

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