Mega Man 9

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Mega Man 9
Megaman9 box.jpg
Mega Man 9 North American "virtual box art"

Mega Man 9 is the ninth game in the classic Mega Man series. Instead of continuing the innovations to the core gameplay presented in Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8, the game opts to return to the style of the classic NES Mega Man games, specifically Mega Man 1 and Mega Man 2. As a result, while Rush Coil and Rush Jet make a return, Mega Man is no longer able to slide, or charge his Mega Buster. The stage count has also been reduced to just the eight Robot Masters (which are now all available from the beginning, like the first six games) followed by four Wily stages. However, the game does provide additional content through DLC, such as an additional stage, the ability to play as Proto Man, and an "Endless Stage", consisting of a set of sub-levels played in a random order indefinitely.

Representation in MaGMML[edit]

Despite being the first game since Mega Man 6 to use an 8-bit style, Mega Man 9 received only mild representation in the first two MaGMML contests. Make a Good Mega Man Level 3 rectifies this, adding a plethora of assets originating from this game, to the point where every single enemy and midboss from the game is in its devkit. On top of this, with six of the game's weapons being present within the first three MaGMML games (plus Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level), Mega Man 9 is tied with Mega Man 10 as the most represented game in weapon sets, with the only weapons that have yet to appear being Plug Ball and Magma Bazooka.


Devkit Assets[edit]





Custom Assets[edit]


  • Concrete Man, Plug Man, Jewel Man, and Galaxy Man appear as NPCs in the hubs of Make a Good Mega Man Level. The latter three reappear as unique NPCs in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, and the missing Robot Masters Tornado Man, Splash Woman, Hornet Man, and Magma Man appear as NPCs as well.
    • In MaGMML1, Concrete Man appears wearing a Kalinka costume. Likewise, in MaGMML2, Kalinka appears wearing a Concrete Man costume.
    • In MaGMML2, Plug Man is referred to as "Shameless Plug Man", and the message he provides is tied directly to the game's server.
    • Also in MaGMML2, Jewel Man accompanies a mini-game in Tier 3 where Mega Man can keep a jewel airborne and be rewarded with screws.
    • Finally, Galaxy Man appears as the shopkeeper in the MaGMML2 Pit of Pits.
  • Hornet Man and Jewel Man are among the four Robot Masters playable in the MaGMML2 entry Identity Crisis.
  • On top of his aforementioned shopkeeper role, Galaxy Man is fought as a superboss in MaGMML2.
  • Galaxy Man appears as an NPC in the Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero stage Construction of Constructions, and becomes a Z-Phone contact after clearing it. When called, he gives hints on how to collect missing CDs. In the same game, Tornado Man, Plug Man, Hornet Man, Magma Man and Fake Man also appear as NPCs.

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