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It is your destiny! This article contains content on an upcoming game. Beware of any potential spoilers!

Mercury's mugshot
Mercury's mugshot
Artwork by Capcom
Artwork by Capcom
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Weapon: Grab Buster
Weakness(es): Tornado Blow3
Tengu Blade48H
Pharaoh Shot, Black Hole Bomb, Slash ClawMegamix Only
Affiliations: Stardroids
Dr. Wily
Type: Laser
Occupation: Stardroid
Misc. Information
Script: マーキュリー
Romaji: Mākyurī
Programmer(s): Spin Attaxx
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Red
Series Information
Official Game Appearances: Mega Man V
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaGMML2 (NPC)
MaGMML3 (Boss)
MaG48HMML (Boss)
Megamix Engine
MaGMML3 Mercury.png
"I stole food from the kitchen and turned myself into a blob so I could sneak away without paying! Heh, joke's on those losers!"
―Mercury, who's kind of a jerk, Make a Good Mega Man Level 2

Mercury is a Stardroid from Mega Man V. He is, like his fellow Stardroids, a robot built for war by an ancient alien civilization before being reactivated by Dr. Wily. In addition to his energy-stealing Grab Buster weapon, Mercury can liquify his body into small blobs to move around.

He appears in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 as an NPC in Tier 7, standing next to the entrance to Cursor Curse.

He was added as a devkit boss (with a new sprite sporting better colors and a mouth) with the release of the Megamix Engine, and is thus set to appear in Make a Good Mega Man Level 3 in that role.


Mercury will start the battle by firing Grab Busters in various directions. If Mega Man gets hit by one, some of his bolts, health, or weapon energy will be given to Mercury. If Mercury either fires nine Grab Busters or takes damage, he will morph into a nearly-invincible blob and use one of two attacks:

  • Slide across the room, leaving behind two small blobs. The small blobs then slowly move back to Mercury.
  • Split into three blobs, which bounce across the room one at a time, reforming once they all reach the other end of the room.

Once Mercury has performed one of these attacks, he will shift back into his normal form and restart his pattern.

Damage Tables[edit]

Make a Good Mega Man LevelMegamix Only[edit]

M.Buster M.Blade G.Laser S.Blaze T.Spin T.Wool B.H.Bomb P.Shot M.Card
2/2/4 3 1 3 1 1 7* 2/6 2
Other Notes *Can hit Mercury in his blob form.

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2Megamix Only[edit]

M.Buster H.Chaser J.Satellite G.Buster T.Blade F.Stopper S.Claw W.Cutter Sakugarne W.Adaptor S.Arrow
2/2/4 1 1 0 3 N 7* 3 1 1 2
Other Notes *Can hit Mercury in his blob form.

Make a Good Mega Man Level 3[edit]

M.Buster S.Chaser L.Trident W.Shield T.Blow T.Beam M.Shockwave I.Wall B.Dash
2/2/4 1 2 1 7 2 2 2 1*
Other Notes *Can hit Mercury in his blob form.

Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man LevelMegamix Only[edit]

M.Buster S.Arm C.Spike Skeletup n' Pakkajoe
2/2/4 2/2 0/0 99
Other Notes

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level[edit]

M.Buster F.Mixer R.Flush S.Shock S.Snake T.Blade S.Water C.Shot H.Sniper
2/2/4 2 1 1 2 7/7/7* 2 3 1
Other Notes *Can hit Mercury in his blob form.

Megamix Engine[edit]

M.Buster T.Stopper P.Stone P.Barrier B.Dropper I.Slasher
2/2/4 N 1 1 1 2
Other Notes

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