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Hey there! I would be Camwoodstock, and I'm here to see and try and drum up some universal help and encourage it on the wiki! I was inspired to do this based off The 'Shroom, the Super Mario Wiki's monthly news thing, where they had a section known as The 'Shroom Spotlight. In it, it would bring special attention to things that needed doing on the wiki so kind editors could potentially focus their efforts on fixing them up. I figured, why not try something similar on this wiki, since it's still growing and thusly, needs a lot of information?

This won't be the normal release time, but I'm not quite sure when I'll be releasing them. At any rate, though, treat this section as a bit of a "top-priority" list of articles to help out, okay? I'll possibly see you soon!

--Camwoodstock (talk) 14:09, 25 April 2018 (EDT)

The Spotlight

Article Name Description Needs
Mega Buster Mega Man's iconic weapon doesn't even have a page yet? And we call ourselves a Mega Man wiki at all! Not only that, but several articles link to it! Give this trusty weapon the page it greatly deserves! Wanted Article
Launch Man & Shuttle Man (stage)‏‎ The most wanted stage page on the wiki--scratch that, the most wanted page on the wiki, documents ACESpark's favorite level, and the level even made by the guy behind Freedom Planet. Write this, and our article quality will go skyrocketing! (Pun intended.) Wanted Article
ACESpark For being a famous judge of the second contest and a host of the upcoming third one, we have an awfully short article on ACESpark. Give this judge's page some more content, before I start judging you. Stub Article
Mick Galbani Despite being the co-host of the third contest and a judge on the first contest, Mick follows in the footsteps of ACESpark in having a rather sad page length. Let's get this article going in the mick of time! (Sorry.) Stub Article
Galaxy Man In spite of all his involvement with the famous Pit, in spite of his superboss status, this page is as tiny as a speck of space dust! Let's beef this article up and make sure it's out-of-this-world. Stub Article