Up 'n' Duck

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Wily Stage 2 : Up 'n' Duck

Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level

Going left, going right, going up and down, and no turning back!

Up 'n' Duck is the second Wily stage in Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level. It is a level with a large emphasis on Auto Scrollers and Sparkman Platforms, with most of the latter platforms having stoppers below ceilings, indicated by dark purple background blocks.


The level starts with a room featuring three Sparkman Platforms and three Hirarian 427s (one of which explodes before Mega Man can even teleport in). Climbing up the ladder leads to an Auto Scroller with several Hirarian 427s, Bomb Fliers, and Coltons blocking the path, as well as Sparkman Platform jumping challenges. The block at the bottom right of the room's end is actually a Super Arm Block, which can be picked up to reveal a hidden path to an E-Tank (which is hinted at by the hidden path being visible on the main path). To the right of these two rooms is a tall room with several Sparkman Block challenges surrounded by spikes.

Climbing up at the end of the room leads to another Auto Scroller, this time with a stronger focus on the enemies (which are the same as the previous Auto Scroller) than on platforming. After another climb up, Mega Man finds yet another Auto Scroller, this time moving faster and utilizing Sparkman Platform challenges just as much as enemy challenges (with the enemies in question being the same as before, with the addition of Ring Rings). The room ends with a drop, leading to one final Auto Scroller, this time going downward. Mega Man must be careful to avoid the enemies and traverse the Sparkman Platforms while being neither too high nor too low. After getting past the Hirarian 427s, Colton, and floor of Sparkman Platforms at the end, Mega Man goes through a boss gate and drops down to find and fight the Cloud Devil.

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