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"@the person who made the {{Upcoming}} template: i do not think you realize the misery i went through refining your template. i tried getting quint to fit into the fucking box and he would just. not. align. at one point he was outside the fucking template. another time he was crashed halfway through it. i broke down in front of a css-knowledged friend and they just told me i had to use margin-left. i was using margin-horizontal. why would you do this. why would you choose an image overwhelmingly stubborn and refusing to fit in the damn box. inner sanctum might be the inner apocalypse. but this. this is a wiki admin's lament. a spilled cauldron of ink on expensive blueprints. someone help me i just cried in front of a lesbian over css and trying to shove quint into a rounded box"
Me. Your admin, ladies and gentlemen. Said on the MaGMML3 Discord.

Some wiki-editing doofus, and your local friendly wiki admin.

Made those Stub and Delete templates. Here to say they're handsome? No? Well, either way, I did make those...

I swear I'll improve this page someday.

Maybe I'll even enter the contest! ...maybe.