Warp Anomaly

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Warp Anomaly
In-Game Information
Location(s): Cyber Man
Programmer(s): RedBlupi
Series Information
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaGMML2 (Midboss)

Warp Anomaly is a midboss in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2. It is a shapeless entity that makes a brief appearance in Cyber Man.


Warp Anomaly is a unique midboss, as it and Mega Man cannot damage each other. Instead, Warp Anomaly relies on firing projectiles that will teleport Mega Man into the previous room. It will either fire these projectiles to its left and right in a stream before rotating the trajectories of the streams by 90 degrees, or scatter the projectiles in random directions. The battle will end after Warp Anomaly attacks two or three times, with the battle ending after two attacks if the scattering attack is among the first two attacks used.

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