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Zatsupachi (Also known as dracmeister (Youtube), precision_bomber (moddb), and more) is an aspiring video game designer. Under dracmeister, he has uploaded over 500 videos of varying content. His early content before he had established a format was rather bizarre, but he gained a small cult following when he uploaded a series of playthroughs of Half-Life mods. However, he tends to upload his videos in bulk, leading to a rather inconsistent upload schedule.

precision_bomber in moddb is the sole creator of Death Label, a modification of Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour. This undertaking took him 4 years until an official release on Christmas Day, 2016. Patches followed after, to fix oversights and game-breaking glitches.

Make a Good Mega Man Level Series[edit]

Zatsupachi entered Make a Good Mega Man Level 2. While he was excited to enter (As he missed the first contest), due to constant his schedule and general overall laziness, he procrastinated on his level and wound up producing Yggdrasil in ~4-5 days, resulting in one of the most infamous levels in the contest, due to its sub-par graphical fidelity, gut-wrenching difficulty and downright glitchiness.

Aside from his entry, he was invited to submit two stages for the Pit of Pits: "Showdown At Dusk" and "Stairway to Nether", both of which are enemy rush stages. He also participated in Null and Void, and made Stone Butterfly.

Other Info[edit]

Zatsupachi, along with his college friends, write stories. Zatsupachi's Cutezome Mythos has some documentation not made public yet and the story is all over the place, has somewhat organized it between three specific time groups. All of their stories go to a "Lore dump" in where they essentially put all their ideas in stasis until one person of the group decides to use the material.

Zatsupachi is also working on a game in the style of Mega Man X featuring characters from his Cutezome mythos called Cream's Adventure, and a Mega Man Classic fangame, Rockman Doomsday, as a side project.


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