Make sure your game is updated to version 1.4 - it fixes tons of bugs and adds new features, so download it!

What does it offer?
Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest 2 is an anthology of 81 Mega Man levels submitted by contestants from around the world assembled into a massive Mega Man game complete with Fortress stages, an Endless mode, and plenty of bonus content. Five judges all hailing from different backgrounds carefully reviewed and scored each level, ranking them based on several categories -- level design, creativity, aesthetics, functionality, and overall "fun" value.

The result is a self-contained fangame the size of which is unparalleled. Each entry level was hand-made over the course of one month using a development kit featuring nearly every enemy and gimmick seen in the NES Mega Man games. Contestants were also welcome to create their own unique assets for their if they desired, though this was not a requirement. Contestants submitted contain everything from classic run-and-gun action platforming sequences to inventive puzzles using familiar mechanics to atmospheric and story-driven stages.

With over four times as many entries, a dev team of over a dozen people dedicated to programming, spriting, composing, and designing bonus content, plus another 16 beta testers, this game is an enormous improvement on its predecessor. Between the entry stages, Wily's fortress, the bonus stages, a special "Pit of Pits" mode similar to Endless mode from the Wii Mega Man games, leaderboards to test your skill against, and a fully-featured local co-op mode, this game should satisfy your craving for original Mega Man content for months.

Mega Man
  • Over 100 regular levels to blast through and gather Energy Elements.
  • 12 Special Weapons voted in via categories, creating a unique and diverse roster.
  • 220 Noble Nickel bonus collectibles that have plenty of unique awards attached to them.
  • Major Quality of Life improvements such as infinite lives and optional skips for frustrating levels.
  • Over 90 bosses to defeat in the levels and Arenas.
  • A much more expansive and diverse hub than the original game, with double the tiers.
  • 28 Costumes to unlock to personalize your experience more.
  • Alternate sidequests outside of the entries, such as the brutal, seemingly endless Pit of Pits.
  • Loads of other rewards and secrets to unlock. Maybe even a true final level?
  • The biggest fangame yet. Period. There's no contesting that. Sorry. Nope. Nada.