Welcome and Introduction
Welcome to the official website of Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML for short), a series of competitions and fangames unlike anything else in the Mega Man fandom!

Every MaGMML starts with an open invitation to design a level for a Mega Man fangame. Participants are given rules and tools for making a level, but almost anything goes. Usually there's a panel of judges who rate and review the levels, and levels are organized into tiers based on their scores.

The resulting game serves to showcase the submitted levels (and, if applicable, the judges' opinions). We make no promises about quality or difficulty; whatever people make is what we give to the player, with little or no modification.

Features and extras may include things such as an actual story, fortress levels designed by the judges, character upgrades, a costume shop, an Endless Attack mode, and more! Or less. Not every game has all of these. Don't get too excited.

Where to Start
On our Games page, you'll find links to every official MaGMML release. You can start anywhere, but we recommend one of these three games as an introduction to the series:
  • MaGMML1 Remastered (short, simple, and chronologically first!)
  • MaGMML2 (more indicative of the rest of the series, a fan favorite, and very narratively important)
  • 48H (narratively self-contained, heavily referenced later in the series, and polished to a more modern standard)
Chronologically, the games take place in the following order:
MaGMML1 (original/remastered) > Episode Zero and 24H (at the same time) > MaGMML2 > 48H > MaGMML3

However, for maximum story and gameplay enjoyment, we suggest the following order:
MaGMML1 Remastered > MaGMML2 > 24H > Episode Zero > 48H > MaGMML3
If you're still hungry for more after that, then try the weird and wild original version of MaGMML1.

How to Participate
Even when we're between contests, the MaGMML community is very active! We invite you to join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter. We're always looking for contributors to the MaGMML Wiki. And, of course, we've been releasing games since 2016, so there's plenty to play.

When it's time for a new contest, we'll make an announcement on the News page and in as many other places as we can think of. The announcement will direct you to a page with all the information you'll need to participate as a contestant, including a link to download any necessary software and tutorials on how to build a level. Additional announcements may be made regarding the recruitment of judges and devteam members. Note that some information may not be available right away, so check back regularly for updates.