Mega Man IV

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Mega Man IV
MegamanIV box.jpg
Mega Man IV North American boxart

Mega Man IV is the fourth classic Mega Man game on the Game Boy. The game follows the pattern set over the course of the past few Game Boy games, with the order of levels starting with four stages based on the Mega Man 4 Robot Masters absent from Mega Man III, followed by a brief middle stage where the game's Mega Man Killer, Ballade, is fought. After Ballade's defeat, four stages featuring Robot Masters from Mega Man 5 must be cleared before access to the final stages is granted. However, despite mostly following the same structure as the previous three Game Boy games, Mega Man IV brings in a lot more new material than any of said games. The Robot Master stages now feature new enemies and gimmicks more frequently, and access to the final stage doesn't just require clearing the MM5 stages, but requires finding special letters hidden in them as well. In addition, another brief stage with a rematch against a stronger Ballade is included between the MM5 stages and the final Wily stage, and the final Wily stage itself includes a handful of new bosses, and even a boss rematch room like the ones that had become commonplace in the NES games as early as Mega Man 2. Finally, Ballade has a closer connection to the story than Enker, Quint, or Punk did in their respective games (Quint had a connection to the story of Mega Man II in theory, but Ballade has a stronger involvement in practice).

Representation in MaGMML[edit]

With the larger amount of original content the game provides compared to the first three Game Boy games, Mega Man IV has received moderate representation in the MaGMML series.

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