Tengu Blade

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It is your destiny! This article contains content on an upcoming game. Beware of any potential spoilers!

Tengu Blade
Mega Man with the Tengu Blade equipped.

The Tengu Blade (テングブレード Tengu Burēdo) is Tengu Man's Special Weapon from Mega Man & Bass. It is a multipurpose wind blade. Pressing fire while the weapon is equipped will cause Mega Man or Bass to slash the blade, which can deal damage. The blade then creates a spinning disc projectile, which rises up and bounces off walls, also potentially dealing damage. Finally, sliding (or in Bass' case, dashing) while the weapon is equipped will cause the player character to dash forwards with the blade in front of them, damaging enemies that come into contact with it.

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level[edit]

Tengu Blade is one of the weapons in Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level, included to test piercing weapons, as well as multipurpose weapons. It functions the same as it did in Mega Man & Bass.

Damage Table[edit]

The order of damage listed below is the initial blade attack, then the disc projectile (called the "Tengu Disk" internally), then the dash attack (called the "Tengu Dash" internally).

Cut Man Guts Man Ice Man Bomb Man Fire Man Oil Man Metal Man Air Man Bubble Man Quick Man
2/2/2 2/2/3 1/2/1 2/2/2 2/2/2 1/2/2 0/0/0 0/0/2 0/0/1 3/4/3
Crash Man Flash Man Heat Man Wood Man Mecha Dragon Picopico-kun Guts Dozer Gemini Man Hard Man Top Man
4/4/4 2/1/2 2/2/2 3/3/3 2/2/0 2/2/3 2/0/0 2/2/2 0/0/2 2/2/4
Spark Man Kamegoro Maker Toad Man Pharaoh Man Dust Man Metall Daddy Gravity Man Stone Man Gyro Man Dark Man 4
5/5/5 2/2/3 1/2/1 2/2/3 1/1/2 1/1/2 1/2/1 1/1/3 1/3/1 1/2/2
Blizzard Man Centaur Man Plant Man Yamato Man Rounder II Power Piston Splash Woman Hornet Man Mega Mech Shark Honey Woman
1/1/2 4/1/2 3/3/3 4/4/4 1/2/2 1/2/1 2/2/2 2/2/2 1/2/1 2/2/2
Commando Man Chill Man Solar Man Enker Quint Punk Giant Suzy Ballade Hunter Type A Hunter Type B
1/2/4 2/2/3 2/2/2 0/1/2 2/2/0 0/0/4 1/1/3 1/2/3 2/2/2 1/1/4
Mercury Saturn Uranus Iron Ball Grey Devil Dangan Man Komuso Man Sonic Man Volt Man Dyna Man
7/7/7 2/2/0 2/1/5 1/2/1 2/2/1 2/1/2 3/3/3 4/4/3 1/1/2 2/2/2