The Kid

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The Kid
Artwork from I Wanna Be The Guy
Artwork from I Wanna Be The Guy
In-Game Information
HP: 56
Weakness(es): Slash Claw
Wheel Cutter
Type: Neutral
Main Stage: Spiky Situation
Misc. Information
Programmer(s): 128-up
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Eye Color: Black
Series Information
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaGMML2 (Boss)
Other Appearances: I Wanna Be the Guy

The Kid is the main protagonist of the freeware computer game I Wanna Be the Guy. On his 15th birthday, he set out on a quest to become "The Guy" (which he must do by killing the current "The Guy"), with several dangerous and unpredictable obstacles (many of which originate from other video games, particularly ones on the NES and SNES) standing in his way.

He appears in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 as the main boss of Spiky Situation.


The Kid's arena consists of a series of platforms, with The Kid himself standing in an enclosed area with spikes blocking off one side, making it impossible to hit him with his main weaknesses (Slash Claw and Sakugarne) without either using invincibility frames to squeeze into the enclosed area or using the alternate weapon counterpart to the former (Force Beam). The Kid will randomly select between the following attacks, telegraphed by the color of the fruit above his head:

  • Red: Several fruits slowly fall from the top of the screen.
  • Green: A series of fruits fly from the right side of the screen to the left. Some fruits fly straight forward, while others move at a slight upward or downward angle.
  • Yellow: The Kid tosses fruit of various sizes in random directions.
  • Blue: The Kid shoots a series of fruit in Mega Man's direction.

After The Kid has been defeated, the fruit that was above his head will explode into a spread of smaller fruit that can hurt Mega Man. If The Kid is fought in the Mega Arena, Mega Man will teleport away before the attack can hit him.

Damage Table[edit]

M.Buster H.ChaserH.Pumpkin J.SatelliteB.Barrier G.BusterN.BombL.Rocket T.BladeT.Cluster F.StopperC.Distorter S.ClawF.Beam W.CutterH.Trapper SakugarneM.Blast W.AdaptorC.Claw S.Arrow
1/1/3 1 1 1 1 N 4 3 4 1 2
Other Notes

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