Eddie's Shop

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Eddie's shop as it appears in the second game.

Eddie's shop is a shop run by Eddie (!) and the primary shop to buy upgrades from in both Make a Good Mega Man Level and Make a Good Mega Man Level 2. It is a secret underground base that looks near-identical to Bass' shop from Mega Man 10. Eddie implies in the first game that Dr. Light does not know the shop is down there, but he is found out by the time of the second game. His wares change between games. The shop can be found by taking the ladder down at the junction of the attic and Tier 11 or taking the ladder down towards the right end of the lab right before the exit2.

Killing Eddie2 will not affect his appearance in the shop. As of the 1.4 update of MaGMML2, Eddie can be revived by going to the shop (or by buying the Eddie item in the Pit of Pits). This will illicit a vague reaction from Eddie with no other consequences otherwise.


Name Bolts Description
1up.png Extra Life11R 301
Gives Mega Man an extra life. Up to nine can be carried at a time. It is recommended to get these in The Quickening instead of purchasing them. In Remastered, if you have the Lives System disabled via the options menu, you can still buy Extra Lives, though Eddie will say he's ripping you off in the description.
Etank.png E-Tank 5012
Adds an E-Tank to Mega Man's inventory, allowing for a one-time use on-demand health refill in the pause menu.
Mtank.png M-Tank 1501
Adds an M-Tank to Mega Man's inventory, allowing for a one-time use on-demand full refill of health and all weapon energy.
This appears as a W-Tank in the first game, but the two items function identically.
Energybalancer.png Energy Balancer1 150 If the buster is the currently selected weapon, any collected energy will automatically go to the weapon with the least ammo. This is a default item in the second game.
Protocostume.png Proto Costume1 50 Allows Mega Man to wear a purely cosmetic costume of Proto Man. No dialogue is changed.
Costumes are sold at the Costume Shop in the second game and Remastered.
Charged Buster Upgrade 30011R
Upgrades Mega Man's charge shot to be much larger and deal more damage to everything1/regular enemies and devkit bosses2.
Dropupgrade.png Drop Rate Upgrade 3001
Increases the rate at which enemies drop items.
Tradeoff.png Trade-Off1 50 Doubles the damage taken in exchange for twice the amount of invincibility frames. Makes the healthbar red.
Shotupgrade.png Uncharged Buster Upgrade21R 1502
Increases Mega Man's onscreen shot limit from 3 to 15. The new limit is only observable on the Tier 8 tower.
Skullamulet.png Skull Amulet21R 2502
If Mega Man has at least two health, a normally fatal blow will now leave him with only one health left.
Methelmet.png Met's Helmet2 600 Drastically decreases knockback and increases invincibility frames.
Converter.png Converter2 200 If Mega Man is at full health, only weapon energy will drop, and if Mega Man is full on ammo, only health will drop. If Mega Man is filled on both, only bolts will drop.
PowerOrbIcon.png Power Orb1R 300 Allows Mega Man the use of Glass Man's Power Orb. Cannot be purchased until all of the Energy Elements have been collected.


  • The music in the shop is the same in both games - Proto Man's shop in Mega Man 10, but the first game uses a Mega Man 7-style rendition of the song by PrincessZelda2020, while the second game uses the original unmodified song.