Tier 1 (MaGMML)

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Tier 1


Mega Man encounters Jolt Man
"My stage was recolored for THIS?!"
Toad Man, pointing things out.

Tier 1 is the first Tier of Make a Good Mega Man Level. It is a sewer. The tier has the levels ranked 20th to 17th, with Jolt Man as the boss.


Stage Name Creator Score Elements Skippable?
Objective: Vain Space No Lynch 9.0 / 100 Element.png
City War qazcake 14.4 / 100 Element.png Skip.png
Level Kanna 18.4 / 100 Element.png
The Quickening Zyglrox Odyssey 35.2 / 100 Element.png


Heat Man[edit]

"Ugh, what's that horrible smell?"


"There are some... issues with the level to the right of me. We added an Energy Element at the beginning if you don't want to play it."

Toad Man[edit]

"My stage was recolored for THIS?!"

Skull Man[edit]

"Yo. Just saying, heads up, the teleporter to my right leads to a pretty ridiculously hard level. It's beatable, though!"


Tier 1 features the only level in the original MaGMML to be skippable, City War. Since the Skip Teleporters were an addition of later MaGMML games, it can be skipped by simply taking an additional Energy Element placed at the start of the stage.

Make a Good Mega Man Level - Tier 1
Entry Stages
Objective: Vain SpaceCity WarLevelThe Quickening
Tier Boss
Jolt Man