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Cartel Stage 2 : Hydrothermal Layer

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

Hey, if we're underwater, how can there be a- *sizzle*

Hydrothermal Layer is the second Box Cartel stage in Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level. Having fought his way past the Box Cartel's undersea defense force, Mega Man now finds himself in the Cartel Hideout's geothermal vents, which contain many dangerous traps. Alongside Yoku Block puzzles and Tackle Fire Dispensers are Gravitons that are typically placed over spikes and pits, looking to ambush Mega Man mid-jump. Later on, Gravitons start endlessly flying across the screen, becoming an even greater threat, although their drops can be avoided with careful observation.


Upon dropping into (and jumping out of) a pool of water, the majority of the level's enemy types appear to attack Mega Man. The most dangerous are bulky Choker Ohs that directly target him, and Bomb Fliers that fly in from the opposite side of the screen and are prone to being hit by a stray shot, sending them rocketing forwards. Shortly afterwards, the enemy assault relaxes as Tackle Fire Dispensers start appearing and firing Tackle Fires in complex S-shaped trajectories, which can be avoided by taking it slow and moving once the Tackle Fires fly out of the way. A trio of Yoku Block puzzles are then thrown at Mega Man, all of which occur over spikes and have a special hazard each: the first lacks a gimmick but has a fourth Yoku Block that appears above the third, the second is simple but in between two active Tackle Fire Dispensers, and the third has a Graviton dropping liquid down from above. Despite being surrounded by Reflect Blocks, however, the Graviton can be easily killed with either normal Mega Buster shots, or by Beat.

After clearing the Yoku Block puzzles and reaching a checkpoint, Mega Man goes through a semi-submerged area that combines Yoku Block setups with Tackle Fire Dispensers. Getting knocked into a pit is a likely occurrence, so having the Beat Rescue upgrade is highly recommended; otherwise, the Rush Jet can be used to fly over gaps without suffering from knockback. An added threat comes in the form of Malmets, which ignore the terrain and target Mega Man from every angle; from a distance, the Homing Sniper is the best method of destroying them. Eventually, the level goes completely underwater, where moving Gravitons are introduced. These Gravitons are spawned from grates in the left wall, and fly across the screen at a fast rate. However, the spots their liquid lands on are the same every time, so taking it slow and waiting to see where the next drip will land before moving further ahead is the best way to avoid damage – and be sure to avoid getting harmed by the splash. The Flame Mixer can block the drops, but their small size makes it an unreliable option.

After a flying Graviton corridor, Mega Man jumps out of the water and reaches a pair of Yoku Block puzzles. The first is relatively simple, but has Bomb Fliers constantly spawning in from a wall grate, which are best left alone if possible. The second, meanwhile, is more complex, and has an E-Tank resting on spikes that can only be obtained by either eating a death, or by using Beat Fetch with the Fortified Talons upgrade. The level's climax comes in the form of a second flying Graviton corridor, this time entirely out of water and with more enemies: in particular, frequently and infinitely spawning Bomb Fliers. Between the Gravitons, enemies, and Tackle Fire Dispensers, it can be very easy to be overwhelmed, so use the Rain Flush if clearing the screen is a priority. The final screen of the level is a final simple Yoku Block puzzle, with Gravitons flying out of a grate and the world's most overeager Dompan guarding the door to the boss, Shinsopod What! & Shinkhangel Where!. Taking the Dompan out from afar is easy, but avoiding the Gravitons requires waiting for the topmost Yoku Block to appear after a Graviton has already passed it. Alternatively, the timing puzzle can be bypassed entirely using the Rush Coil from the ledge below, though avoiding the Dompan is almost impossible without Special Weapons.


  • Hydrothermal Layer is the only fortress stage in MaG48HMML to be made by one of the judges (although CSketch handled much of the actual level design, it was made in accordance to ParmaJon's vision).
  • The level's motif was chosen due to ParmaJon's appreciation for real world hydrothermal vents.
  • Giant tube worms were initially intended to appear in the background through windows, but this ultimately didn't go past the planning stages.
  • Dompans in Hydrothermal Layer have their HP raised to 2 instead of 1, and Malmets have 5 HP as opposed to 4.

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