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Joseph's mugshot
Joseph's mugshot
In-Game Information
Affiliations: Mega Man
SS Elroy
Occupation: Mechanic
Misc. Information
Alt. Name(s): Joe
Designer(s): CSketch
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Purple
Series Information
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaG48HMML (NPC)

Joseph is an NPC introduced in Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level. He is a gifted but amnesiac mechanic who lives on the SS Elroy, with a talent for creating machines and devices out of seemingly useless materials.

Joseph acts as Mega Man's primary source for upgrades, which he can create if he brings the right pieces of Junk (obtained from sidequests) to him. Creating an upgrade does not cost any bolts, only the Junk required to make it. He also plays a minor role in the story's climax, as together with Dr. Light, he builds Pike using Mega Man's gathered Energy Elements, allowing him to access the Box Cartel's underwater fortress.

List of upgrades[edit]

Any of these upgrades can be disabled or re-enabled manually from the pause menu.

Icon Name Junk Required Description Information
EnergySaverIcon48H.png Energy Saver Busted Energy Saver, Copper Medal A repaired Energy Saver now working in peak condition. Halves all weapons' ammo consumption. Cuts the ammo usage of all weapons in half.
SalmonShieldIcon.png Salmon Shield Cursed Amulet, Radio A spy tool that can make an electromagnetic shield. Saves you from a fatal blow by leaving you with 1 HP. If Mega Man has at least two HP, a normally fatal blow will now leave him with only one HP left (with some exceptions, e.g. being crushed).
ShotLimitUpgradeIcon.png Shot Limit Upgrade Joint Plug, Gun Del Sol A solar-powered booster that enhances the Mega Buster, increasing the number of shots you can have onscreen. Increases the Mega Buster's onscreen shot limit from 3 to 15.
StepBoosterIcon.png Step Booster HEV Gloves Increases the speed of ladder climbing. Makes Mega Man climb ladders much quicker.
BlastWindIcon.png Blast Wind Jet Turbine, Iron Boots Jet turbines and reinforced iron boots that nullify knockback while sliding. Stops Mega Man from suffering knockback if he's hit while sliding.
AbsorptionArmorIcon.png Absorption Armor Industrial Vacuum, Cracked Armor A strange armor that boosts your defenses, at the cost of enemies no longer dropping health pickups. Reduces the damage taken from attacks. Defeated enemies will not drop health energy pickups while this upgrade is in effect.
PaydayIcon.png Payday Metal Detector, Power Magnet A modified metal detector that increases bolt value and drop chance, but lowers the drop chance of everything else. Large bolts drop from defeated enemies more frequently, while other items drop less often. This does not affect critical object drops like keys or Energy Elements. Bolt values are also altered; Big Bolts go from 10 to 14 and Small Bolts go from 2 to 4.
SmiteIcon.png Smite Judgement Silversword Enforces the fury of God upon the weak. This holy upgrade makes all weapons instantly kill any Met-type enemy. All Metall-adjacent enemies die in one hit from all weapons, complete with flashy death effect. This effect extends to Metall Potton, Giant Metall, Giant Metall Cannon, and even Metall Daddy.
BalanceStabilizerIcon.png Balance Stabilizer Dizzy Dial Makes you immune to the effects of dizziness. Hold down to test its effects. Triggers Mega Man's spin animation by holding Down, as if he were on a Daidine. Its only practical effect is making the Drunk sidequest beatable by negating the booze effect.
BeatSaberIcon.png Beat Saber Zetsabre, Green Eye Normal: Toy sword infused with bird energy. Hold up and fire a charged shot for a strong armour-piercing wind slash. Is there more?

Bass Mode: Toy sword infused with bird energy. Sadly, it is incompatible with the Bass Buster, so you've been ripped off.

Holding up while firing a charged Mega Buster shot releases a shockwave that does 4 damage to enemies and 1.5 damage to bosses. As a homage to Mega Man Battle Network 3's Variable Sword chip, inputting that chip's specific button combinations will trigger alternate effects:
  • ↑, →, ↓ or ↑, ←, ↓: Wide Sword – Shoots a spread of two slashes.
  • ↓, ←, ↑ or ↓, →, ↑: Long Sword – Shoots two slashes from either side.
  • ←, Jump, →, Jump or →, Jump, ←, Jump: Sonic Boom – Shoots three slashes in quick succession.
  • Jump, Jump, ←, ↓, ↑ or Jump, Jump, →, ↓, ↑: Elemental Shockwave – Shoots four elemental-imbued slashes in quick succession. These share damage values with the Flame Mixer, Rain Flush, Spark Shock, and Search Snake (in that order).

When using the Bass Mode cheat, the Beat Saber will not work, as Bass lacks a chargeable buster.


  • Joseph is directly based on Joe from Mega Man Legends 2, who is a similarly amnesiac mechanic. However, he seems to be a version of Joe native to the MaGMML universe, like some other cross-franchise Mega Man characters.
  • If the player does not meet Joseph until after the Box Cartel have attacked the SS Elroy, he will have slightly different dialogue (with a different reason for why he chose his name).
  • Joseph is one of only two human NPCs to be found on the SS Elroy, the other being Dr. Light.

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