Don Atetemino

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Don Atetemino's mugshot
Don Atetemino
Don Atetemino's mugshot
Artwork by Spin Attaxx
Artwork by Spin Attaxx
In-Game Information
HP: 28 (Phase 1)
84 (Phase 2)
Attack Damage: Phase 1:
4 (contact)
1 (boxes)
2 (projectiles)
3 (toy)
4 (decoy explosion)
2 (decoy shockwave)
Phase 2:
3 (contact)
2 (boxes)
2 (toy)
3 (clone)
1 (magnetic bullet)
4 (explosion)
2 (turret shot)
1 (bullet drop)
2 (homing shot)
1 (pods)
2 (pod projectiles)
2 (decoy shockwave)
2 (plus-pattern shot)
Weakness(es): Flame Mixer (Phase 1)
Beat (Phase 2)
Affiliations: Dr. Wily (formerly)
Box Cartel
Type: Neutral
Occupation: Defense System Robot (formerly)
Box Cartel Boss
Main Stage: Pandora's Parlor
Misc. Information
Script: 親分アテテミーノ
Romaji: Oyabun Atetemīno
Designer(s): ParmaJon, CSketch
Programmer(s): snoruntpyro
Artist(s): Roxcon
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Orange
Series Information
Official Game Appearances: Mega Man 8
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaG48HMML (Final Boss)
"I told you to report straight ta me after finishing your job! I was pretty worried, y'know?! You might've got got! But nooooo! You were just here, cowerin' like a loser! Now why is that? Maybe cuz' ya got beat up by that blue chump?!"
―Don Atetemino, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

Don Atetemino, also known as simply Atetemino, is a boss from Mega Man 8. He is an irate and dominating bagworm robot armed with countless boxes and weapon-loaded pods. Under his new moniker, he appears in Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level as the the game's primary villain and leader of the Box Cartel. He is also the final boss of the game as a whole, appearing at the end of Pandora's Parlor.

MaGMML Series Appearances[edit]

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level[edit]

After the events of Mega Man 8, Atetemino was thrown out and abandoned by Dr. Wily, leaving him to turn to petty crime. Eventually, four robots who greatly admired the evil scientist came to him, believing he could get them places within Wily's forces. Despite his newfound hatred of Wily and loss of status, he lied to them that he could do so, and together they formed the Box Cartel, with the now-Don Atetemino keeping his true intentions for the group hidden from them.

In the present day, Don Atetemino anchors the SS Elroy to the Box Cartel's undersea fortress, holding it hostage and challenging Mega Man to try and stop them. From there, he sends each of the Cartel's goons out to battle Mega Man, and angrily berates each of them for their failure to defeat him, which leads to growing resentment among them until finally, by the time Mega Man storms the hideout, they all quit. Despite this, Don Atetemino battles Mega Man to buy time for the others to escape (even taking a Charge Shot for them), but is defeated after a long battle and has his cable severed, rendering him immobile. After learning the Box Cartel had stayed behind after a change of heart, he admits the truth about his past to them, and that he really wanted to show them they didn't need Dr. Wily. After a heartfelt reconciliation, he remains trapped in the hideout with the others after it sinks further under the sea.


Phase 1[edit]

The first battle with Don Atetemino is a recreation of the original Atetemino battle from Mega Man 8. As in that battle, Don Atetemino hangs from one of five holes in the ceiling, with an array of destructible boxes slamming down to the ground from the other four holes. After a certain amount of time has passed, he rises back up and pulls all active boxes up with him, before moving to another hole. Each box has a different appearance and function, and will appear mostly at random, though some boxes will only appear the lower Don Atetemino's current HP is:

  • Green pods that shoot two missiles towards Mega Man.
  • Purple pods that shoot two bouncing ball projectiles towards Mega Man.
  • Red pods that shoot two projectiles that detonate into a burst of eight projectiles.
  • Decoy Ateteminos that explode after hitting the ground, sending shockwaves out on either side.
  • Yellow crates marked with an X, which do nothing and can only harm Mega Man with contact damage. When destroyed, it releases a set of bouncing pseudo-Mega Balls that destroy the other boxes in one hit, and slightly home in on Don Atetemino. One of these will always appear among the current boxset.

As Don Atetemino stays out of range of the Mega Buster, the Mega Balls released from the yellow crates are the only means of damaging him without using Special Weapons. Once one hits him, he will instantly rise back up. At 23 HP or less, he starts attacking directly by dropping toys of himself from his hatch, which rush towards Mega Man and die when hitting a wall.

Phase 2[edit]

The arena becomes much more spacious, with raised top-solid platforms appearing. Don Atetemino now moves freely around the battlefield, and whenever he moves offscreen, an arrow will indicate his current position. He uses a large number of attacks in a set pattern, which he repeats once he reaches the end:

  • First, he moves to the left and summons 11 boxes from the sky, each one containing a small and weak enemy; the possible outcomes are a Baby Metall, a Brain Break, a Butterdroid, a Claw, a Docron, a Flea, a Jump Roller, a swimming-type Penpen, a Peterchy, a Ratton, a Telly, and a Walking Bomb. Shortly after the boxes land, Don Atetemino automatically destroys every box and hangs in the centre of the arena, leaving the enemies within to gang up on Mega Man. He will only ever use this attack at the start of the battle, and never repeats it.
  • Afterwards, he swings from the right side of the arena to the left, constantly dropping toys of himself to chase after Mega Man.
  • Upon reaching the left side, he summons five boxes containing a set of bigger, more durable enemies: Bomber Pepe, Boostun, Cargou Q (red), Choker Oh, Molier, Rabbiton, Shigaraky, Sibul, Skull Walker, and Twin Cannon. Like before, he remains stationary for a while to let the enemies attack.
  • Don Atetemino hangs on the left side of the screen, and creates a decoy of himself to hang on the right. Both the real and fake Atetemino remain onscreen at all times, but only the real one will take damage. The two drop a flurry of magnetic bullets that drop downwards, then fly towards Mega Man after reaching his current height. The decoy fires its bullets slightly before the real Don Atetemino. Eventually, the decoy will self-destruct.
  • Moving to the right side of the arena, Don Atetemino summons seven boxes. However, instead of falling to the ground, the boxes will automatically open in midair, releasing an airborne enemy: the possible enemies are Biree Spark, Chibee, Fire Telly, Haehaey, Helipon, Kouker Q, Nitron, Nombrellan, Pelicanu, Potton, Pukapelly, Spin Cutter, Swallowegg, and Taketento. Yet again, he remains still for a moment after summoning the boxes.
  • A square turret is sent to surround Mega Man while Don Atetemino floats around the arena, with the four corners simultaneously firing diagonal bullets at him every second. After seven salvos, the turret disappears.
  • Don Atetemino hangs in the centre, and drops two boxes on either side of the arena, both of which contain a Jumbig. Rather than staying still, however, he chases after Mega Man while firing up to 10 small projectiles downwards from his hatch.
  • Next, he floats around the arena while firing homing projectiles that relentlessly chase after Mega Man, with up to three appearing at a time before they all self-destruct.
  • Hanging directly over Mega Man, Don Atetemino chases him before dropping down and slamming into the ground, summoning four boxes at random points with each ground pound. These boxes can hold a Bomb Flier, a Cannon Roader, a Mantan, a Penpen EV, a Pole, a Ring Ring, a Space Metall, or a Twin Roader. He will try to crash into Mega Man four times before using his next attack.
  • While floating around the arena, the weapon pods and explosive decoys used in the first phase drop down at multiple points in the room, and fire their weapons before rising back up (or in the decoys' case, explode and create ground shockwaves).
  • Returning to the centre of the arena, Don Atetemino summons 11 boxes across the entire battlefield, all of which contain Junk Blocks with 7 HP. When destroyed, the boxes release small projectiles that slowly fly out in a plus-shaped pattern. After waiting a short while, he repeats his pattern from the second attack in the list.

In between any of these attacks, Don Atetemino will initiate a special attack after being reduced to less than 56, 28, and 14 bars of health (provided he hasn't already used it once before the next threshold). Becoming invincible, he hangs up above the battlefield centre and drops three invincible purple boxes (if he has less than 14 HP, he will instead drop four), each with a unique shape. When destroyed, the boxes release a small black hole, and Mega Man will be pulled into the one closest to him, sending him into a mini-level with a set of unique box items. He must then fight his way through the short gauntlet to reach a teleporter leading back to the battlefield. While spikes are sometimes present, they are all Damage Spikes that only do four HP's worth of damage. The six possible boxes are:

Damage Table[edit]

Phase 1[edit]

M.Buster F.Mixer R.Flush S.Shock S.Snake T.Blade S.Water C.Shot H.Sniper Beat
1/1/2 3 1 1 1 1/1/1 1 1 1 1
Other Notes "Mega Ball" deals 3 damage.

Phase 2[edit]

M.Buster F.Mixer R.Flush S.Shock S.Snake T.Blade S.Water C.Shot H.Sniper Beat
1/1/3 1 1 1 1 1/1/1 1 1 1 2
Other Notes


  • Don Atetemino was the first Box Cartel member to be decided upon, as the original Atetemino's use of boxes made it a thematic fit for MaG48HMML's box-themed structure and a natural choice for the main villain. The idea of him controlling a box-themed group of villains spun out from there afterwards.
  • If the player dies against Don Atetemino's second fight, they will skip the first fight entirely and begin from the start of the second fight.

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