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Chapter 2 : Mojo Dojo

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

Train and fight, Zero! TRAIN AND FIGHT!
"I don't think we're getting paid nearly enough as we should be with how dangerous this place is... It's like the client WANTS us dead!"
―Petey, forgetting the First Law of Robotics

Mojo Dojo is an optional level in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero, unlocked by gathering 22 Energy Elements from across the four chip paths. With the Dojo still under construction for the second festival, Zero discovers that the robots inside have mysteriously gone haywire, with the four construction workers assigned to the project trapped inside and unable to leave. To find the source of the problem, he must navigate the Dojo's many traps and hazards, from deadly bamboo spikes, to training dolls shaped like Toad Man covered in sharp blades.

At the end, the Dojo's owner, Yamato Man, challenges Zero to a duel; upon beating him, he is registered as a contact in the Z-Phone and can be called to give advice during boss battles. Additionally, the Dojo in Mega City will be completed, allowing access to the Boss Gallery and the ability to rematch any previously fought boss.


Toad Man appears outside the Dojo at the beginning, warning Zero of the out of control robots inside. After entering, bottomless pits are immediately encountered, as are a Dragon Head and a Vase Bomber. The room above them features sharp bamboo sticks that act as spikes, and Rotat Ores that patrol a series of top-solid platforms. The latter is almost completely invincible, with only the Zap Chip's Blank Drive being able to destroy them; without it, careful jumps and airdashes are the only way past them. Introduced soon after are Heavy Mets, which will shake the screen with every jump they make, and hanging Toad Dolls that hurt on contact and are indestructible. At the first checkpoint, Zero will find one of the construction workers, Conchobar, while a set of Toad Dolls follow a walled-off rail.

The next few sections have several Toad Dolls posing a threat to Zero, either by moving along rails, or by falling into pits from above. More often than not, enemies will also be close by to make moving past the dolls more perilous, either by shooting projectiles from a distance, or (in the case of the Heavy Met) stunning Zero and interfering with his jumps. After the second checkpoint (where another worker, Petey, cowers under a large Met helmet), another Toad Doll-laden hallway follows, but the enemies opt to stay in out of the way places, where they're next to impossible to hit without certain chips. This hallway ends with a ladder and a sidepath blocked off by a Destroyable Block. By using the Z-Saber on this block and avoiding some more Toad Dolls, Zero will find the level's lone CD, another worker (Ali), and a teleporter that takes him back to the top of the ladder.

A vertical climb upwards ensues, where Toad Dolls once again act as the primary obstacle; some railbound ones move over platforms and in between rows of ladders that need to be jumped across. If the Double Jump has been unlocked, sections of the climb can be bypassed quicker with it. During the climb, the fourth and final worker, Alister, will speak to Zero of their client's demands if talked to. At the top of the climb, yet more falling Toad Dolls will try to slam into Zero while he crosses pits, before reaching the boss door. Here, however, are a Dragon Head, a Heavy Met, and a few sets of bamboo spikes that can trip Zero up if he's not extra careful. In the boss corridor, a Toad Doll will follow Zero's movement, but cannot hurt him unless he (for some reason) chooses to jump into it.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Mojo Dojo?

That place? Yamato Man doing something stupid, instance number 5 billion.

No, Yamato Man, I won't sign up for your training program!

He's quite a... character. So if you can avoid confrontation with him, do that.

If you don't, he may try to rope you into an apprenticeship. And then you'll never be heard from again.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Krantz: Mojo Dojo?

That area's still under construction, so I don't know how it looks firsthand.

Looking at their recent purchases though, they made a large order of Toad Dolls with spiked stuffing.

Those Toad Dolls were apparently pretty durable already, and the spikes probably make them indestructable.[sic]

The construction crew will also have ground-leveling Metalls on hand.

They cause tremors when they land, but if you jump when that happens you should be fine!

Stern: Hmph... I might want to try my hand at some martial arts sometime...

Krantz: And hurt your back trying? No way, partner!

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man There'll be a point where you'll see a block with a marking with your saber thingy on it, right?

Cut that down with said saber thingy and the CD's as good as yours!

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Tomahawk Man: Yamato Man?

...Hey, aren't you that Zero guy? What in the world are you doing here?

Zero: ...I could ask you the same question. This is most unexpected.

Tomahawk Man: Ugh, now I know why Yamato Man ran off in the middle of our training.

He was yelling into the sky, "THE RED GRASSHOPPER HAS RETURNED TO THE WARZONE", then he called
the workers back, and even reactivated the haywire robots...

Zero: What is up with him?

Tomahawk Man: He's right in front of you, dude! Ask him yourself!

And I'm also right here, waiting for him to call me so he can kick me.

We literally re-enacted this mess all over again.

Zero: ...I am starting to believe Yamato Man might not be entirely sane.

Tomahawk Man: And you're only realizing this now?

Look, we're doing this exactly like last time, so just keep in mind your strategy from then: Stick to the middle, and
jump to lure the spinning spear into being thrown against the wall.

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Ooh! I like the spiked dummies and stuff, but that dojo's active and stuff.

There'll be too many distractions for the date, and no thanks!

Yamato Man'll ruin the style by making it all about training and fighting and whatever.

Zero: Maybe he could show you his Tomahawk Man training regiment.

Knives: Nah, that's a pass. I'm already invincible, anyways, so I don't need more training!

But that stupid YAMATO MAN doesn't know that and he'll ruin the whole date.


  • Mojo Dojo's Energy Element does not count towards the total needed to unlock S.R.A.R.A. HQ, nor towards triggering any of the roaming bosses. It shares this trait with Construction of Constructions.
  • If Alister isn't talked to, Yamato Man's pre-fight dialogue changes to a shorter version, reflecting Zero's lack of interaction with the workers.
  • As of MaGMML: Episode Zero's release, Mojo Dojo is currently the only level in a MaGMML game to use music that has lyrics.

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