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Chapter 2 : Robot Ink Printing Facility

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

Even in 20XX, you have to put up with printer problems...

Robot Ink Printing Facility is the third level on the path to the Icicle Chip in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. Zero's latest misadventure brings him to an automated printing factory filled with ink of different colours, which will change his colours after jumping inside it (overriding even any chips equipped). This is important, as frequently he needs to be a specific colour to go through Cartridge Blocks blocking the way forward. Also inside the factory are enemy robots who can either change Zero's colour unwillingly, or even remove it outright, returning him to his normal colours.


All the major gimmicks and enemies are front-loaded in the first sections of the level, introducing pools of ink that change Zero's colour, Floor Sweepers and water-filled bathtubs that remove ink, and Ink Bombas and modified Toss Machines whose attacks can also cover Zero in ink. After a Tsurare Rubber Stamp is the stage's first checkpoint, as well as a Cartridge Block and a giant bottle of yellow ink. To proceed, Zero must be covered in the correct ink colour so that the block will open, allowing him to fill it and drop through. A Cartridge Block needing cyan ink lies below, though this time the bottle is guarded by enemies that can change Zero's ink colour; below that is a magenta ink bottle and a corresponding Cartridge Block, both separated by a large yellow ink pool and platforms patrolled by Floor Sweepers. Only the Z-Saber can kill the latter, though the Blank Drive will also work if the Zap Chip is equipped. Similar areas needing magenta and then cyan ink to proceed appear before reaching the next checkpoint.

A Cartridge Block needing magenta ink appears, but it isn't necessary to proceed. To the right are conveyors and ink jar blocks that drop from chutes, the latter of which can be used as platforms to stay out of ink pools. Only a small pool of magenta ink is present here, but if Zero backtracks to the Cartridge Block, he will find a CD right underneath. After a few screens of enemies and falling ink jar blocks, Zero will be drenched in magenta ink and fall onto a large printer (which acts as a checkpoint). This printer has a special Cartridge Block with three ink gauges, one for each colour; and by filling it with magenta, two pathways open up, leading to areas with cyan and yellow ink.

Both pathways are semi-convoluted, and frequently have Zero riding ink blocks carried by conveyors to reach high areas and/or avoid falling into ink. Reaching the necessary colour ink jar involves solving two Cartridge Block puzzles while platforming on or around ink blocks. If the Double Jump has been purchased by this point, it can help with avoiding hazards or unnecessary backtracking caused by accidental ink baths. Floor Sweepers are still a nuisance here, so the Z-Saber remains a handy weapon. Once the printer is completely filled up, it drops Zero into a small room with the Energy Element, though not before covering him in pitch black ink.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Robot Ink Printing Facility?

Oh, there! That's a high-tech printing factory that runs itself.

Honestly, pretty impressive. Almost as genius as me!

Actually, be glad that your build and paint are so thin and weak.

You'll probably be able to sneak past all of the electronic checks.

...I'm out of red paint, though, so you'll have to figure out a recovery yourself.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Robot Ink Printing Facility?

That factory operates itself by having robots soak up paint, and then deliver said paint to the printer.

The sectionalization helps keeps the paint preserved, though you might need to coat yourself to advance as a result.

As said though, a lot of the robots will have their own paint, which might ruin the coat you need.

Thankfully there should be ink bottles you can use to regain your coat.

There's also Floor Sweepers, which'll remove your paint entirely. They're immune to most weapons,
but the Z-Saber should take care of them.

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man Ooh! For one of the CDs, you're gonna need some pink ink, yeah?

But there won't be pink ink near the catridge[sic] you gotta go through. Try to backtrack!

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Whaaat?? What makes you think a printing press place zone is romantic??

I like you just how you are, Zero! You don't need to dive into a vat of dye for me.

At least, not yet. That might be necessary later for... the ritual!

Zero: Dare I ask?

Knives: Don't ask questions you're not prepared to know the answers to!


  • Robot Ink Printing Facility is a homage to Press Garden Zone from Sonic Mania. Its gimmicks are all based on unused objects from the original level, which include ink jars that colour the player and printer machines that create platforms using said ink.
  • If the player respawns after reaching the large printer, it will be automatically filled with magenta ink (and the two pathways are opened up) to prevent the level becoming unbeatable, as there is no source of magenta ink in the room itself.
  • Despite Galaxy Man's phrasing suggesting otherwise, this level contains only a single CD.
  • Curiously, Robot Ink Printing Facility has two different Golem "arena" screens. It is the only level with this distinction.

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