Surveillance Canyon

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Chapter 1 : Surveillance Canyon

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

You're still functioning, right?

Surveillance Canyon is the first level in Chapter 1 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. Two weeks after Explosive Freefall and the events of Make a Good Mega Man Level, Zero regains consciousness amidst the Wily Castle's wreckage in a canyon. The area is filled with conveyor belts, Searchys, and multiple Metall varieties, many of which are over long stretches of bottomless pits.

Halfway through the level, Zero meets Dr. Wily via a roaming camera-equipped Blader. With Zero purposeless and Wily in need of assistance for his latest project, Zero sets out for Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker after being granted the Z-Saber and Z-Burst.


The stage begins with a light set of challenges based on jumping over pits while avoiding flying Metall DXes, with conveyors leading into pits as a common obstacle. Zero soon comes to an interior cavern with ladders and conveyors leading upwards, which he is required to climb while Shotoms fly towards him. A Searchy also appears, ready to flip the direction of the conveyors if Zero enters its light. As the Metall DXes hide until Zero gets close, it is advisable to deal with the Shotoms first before moving on, or else he may fall down to a previous screen. Once he reaches the first checkpoint, Zero comes to an open area with two Falling Platforms, a large Health Energy on a high platform, and a Metall Dance that attacks as soon as he gets close. The rest of the level is to the right, but by dashjumping and airdashing to the left off of the high platform (or double-jumping on a later revisit), Zero can find a secret area with a CD past a conveyor. However, a series of Metall Dances infinitely spawning from a ceiling shaft makes grabbing it without taking damage or falling into the pit difficult.

Zero is next faced with a short section with Falling Platforms over pits, with Shotoms flying in from the right. Past it, Zero sees Katonbyons for the first time while Metall DXes once again attack him. The former becomes more relevant as Zero reaches a two-screen climbing section, with the first having conveyors over a pit, and the second having Falling Platforms. In both screens, a Katonbyon flies overhead every so often to drop a bomb on Zero; while the first screen's conveyors can work as a shelter, the second screen requires careful positioning to avoid the bombs. Zero reaches another checkpoint here - on a first playthrough, he also receives the Z-Saber and Z-Burst from Dr. Wily. The latter weapon is ideal for clearing through Shotoms in the next few screens, before finding a ladder leading down. To the right is a Destroyable Block that only the Z-Burst can break, leading to a cavern with another Z-Burst Block, behind which is a CD. Much of the floor is a bottomless pit, and a conveyor threatens to send the CD down into it, thus Zero needs to grab it while it falls. Fortunately, the CD will respawn by leaving the room and re-entering.

Down the ladder is a vertical scrolling section filled with more Metalls and Shotoms; though a risky option because of its close range, the Z-Saber can cut through the former's helmets and instantly kill them. After this is one last horizontal section littered with bottomless pits and enemies; most notably, a Katonbyon will appear from the side of the screen every few seconds to drop a bomb. Because of this, it is recommended that Zero move quickly but carefully, while using the Z-Burst if possible to cover a large portion of the screen. As one of the hardest platforming areas in the early game, it is possible Zero may die here several times. At the end of the section, an Energy Element lies out in the open, ending the level.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Surveillance Canyon?

You're back at the crash site, eh? Trying to reminisce, or something like that?

There's probably nothing there. I found most of the valuable stuff when I searched it. Most.

I never found all those floppy disks I had lying around. Someone must have stolen them before I got to them. Grr...

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Surveillance Canyon?

That area's home to conveyors and Searchies.

If a Searchy sees you, it'll change the direction of all conveyors in the area.

Additionally, there's some pink platforms, which will fall shortly after standing on them.

As for enemies, there's a large number of flying enemies across the canyon, Shotom and Metall DX to name a few.

I'd recommend using your Z-Burst to make quick work of them.

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man (CD #1): Oh, close to the crash site! You gotta pay attention to your ledges for that one.

Should be one that looks like you can get over it! Get to a high place and dash towards it.

(CD #2): Oh, at the crash site! At one point you'll see a barrier for your burst weapon. Break that!

After that, you'll have to break another one and catch the CD with an airdash! Be careful!

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Oh, come on. There's nothing romantic about a canyon!! Especially one still being patrolled.

But, well, it was where you first woke up... And it was love at first sight~!

But then again, that'd be like if we dated in the hospital I was born in.

Zero: I do not even want to know what your parents were like.

Knives: Me neither! I bet they were STUPID and LAME and DEAD.


  • Surveillance Canyon was the first complete level created for Episode Zero, and was included with the game's devkit as an example of how levels could be structured around Zero's expansive moveset.
  • Dr. Wily's Z-Phone call references the unnamed floppy disk collectibles found in the Wily Castle stages of Make a Good Mega Man Level Remastered.
  • In the credits of Episode Zero, Proto Man and Bass can be seen battling each other in an area that looks identical to Surveillance Canyon.

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