Reality Core

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Wily Stage 6 : Reality Core

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2

The Reality Core itself, as well as Dr. Wily.
"With the power of your silly festival, I will SMASH YOU INTO A MILLION PIECES!"
Dr. Wily, losing it completely.

The Reality Core is the sixth Wily stage in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, and the final stage of the main story. Here, Mega Man confronts Dr. Wily, who uses the titular device to warp and distort reality, creating a giant maze for Mega Man to traverse akin to the Great Maze from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Wily's Labyrinth from Rockman 4 Minus Infinity. This maze consists not just of short areas from Mega Man's previous adventures, but five larger sections that remix parts of several (though not all) contest submissions. To reach Wily, Mega Man must complete these areas and destroy their respective "energy hotspot", while fighting five "Chimerabots" that fuse two entry Robot Masters into one being.

The stage is also perhaps the single longest stage in the entire game, and it can take well over an hour for a reasonably skilled player to complete. Fortunately, the level saves all progress after each energy hotspot is destroyed, so it need not be completed entirely in one sitting. The level also contains a central "hub" with respawning Yashichis and a vague map; destroyed hotspots are marked on the map with an Energy Element, with each one surrounding the maze in a ring shape.


  • Path to the Reality Core: The stage begins with a short autoscrolling section containing only acid droplets and spikes, leading to the Reality Core and a brief cutscene in which Wily's plans actually work and he jumbles up reality!
  • Warped Nostalgia: The entrance to the stage's massive maze, where Mega Man must traverse through several rooms based on stages from the first two Mega Man games (Cut Man, Wood Man, Heat Man, Ice Man, MM1 Wily Stage 1, Crash Man, MM1 Wily Stage 4, Fire Man and MM2 Wily Stage 1) ending in a fight against the Holo Dragon.
  • The Maze: After falling several screens, Mega Man is thrown into the maze, based off of previous Mega Man levels. In the center lies a teleporter room with recovery items and a teleporter that will lead to the final boss only when activated. Stationed around the maze are five glitched rooms, which will take the player to the five sub-stages mandatory to progress, but as the sub-stages are beaten, glitched spikes will appear in some rooms, blocking the path and forcing the player to take a different route. The player's progress is saved after beating each sub-stage.
Reality Core Screenshot A
A: The appearance of the paths leading to the tier-based sections.
  • Back to Reality: After defeating the final Chimerabot and destroying the last energy hotspot, the teleporter at the center of the maze becomes active. Using it transports the player back to the Reality Core, but with no sign of Wily. Head to the left, back the way you originally came, to reach a gate that was previously blocked off. Grab the E-Tank and Yashichi then jump down, and after another brief cutscene Dr. Wily will attack in Wily Machine SWORD.
  • An Evil Mega Man?: You may have beaten Wily's latest Machine, but the Doctor still has some tricks up his sleeve. He activates the Reality Core one last time, transporting himself and Mega Man to a pocket dimension resembling deep space. You'll have a brief moment to recover and restock before confronting Wily, who claims that where they now are is a dimensional nexus where he plans to summon "an evil version of Mega Man" from an alternate dimension. What he calls forth, however, is megaman sprite game, who immediately attacks Dr. Wily (for being "an asshole") and then attacks Mega Man anyway.


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