Unobtainium Mine

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Wily Star II, Stage 5 : Unobtainium Mine

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2

This is a very... attractive place.
―Infobox Message, outlining the mine's gimmick

Unobtainium Mine is the fifth Wily stage in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2. It was created by ACESpark. The level's main feature lies with its usage of Magnet Shields, as well as Magnets that will push or pull Mega Man, depending on their color.


After a slow start with some Tatebos, Docrons and falling Spike Balls, the second room introduces the level's primary gimmick: Stepping into the red beam attaches a Magnet Shield to Mega Man's front. This shield will be magnetically pulled towards red Magnets, or repelled by blue Magnets, while he is facing them, alternately aiding and hindering him, and will be unaffected while Mega Man faces away from them. Use the room to get used to the physics of the Magnets, then fall down the hole. Use the Magnet's pull to carry you over the constantly-active Elec Blocks, then drop down and change direction in mid-air to avoid being pulled into the Elec Block on the ground. After dropping down again, quickly destroy the Cocco (and any Corocoros it creates) and the Tatebo, then use the Magnets to get the first Noble Nickel. Once you have it, keep heading left while fending off the Moliers in your path until you pass through another red beam, which will destroy your shield. Deal with the Picket Man, jump across the pits and Spike Balls, then get ready to fight the Super Dachone.

After beating the mid-boss, there's a short room with another Cocco and some Fatools. Ride the Falling Platform downward to a ledge with a Rocket Sled; jump on and ride it to your destination. As you ride you'll be assaulted by waves of Tsuranattori, as well as Kouker Qs and Rembakuns. Jewel Satellite will protect you well here, otherwise avoid or destroy them as best you can. Eventually the Sled will start to descend and you'll be dropped off at the mouth of a large hole. Take a moment to refill on health, then follow the Falling Platforms down deeper into the mine.

Once you land, detour to the left before heading down to grab the second Nickel, which you can reach with either Rush Jet or Super Arrow, then Wheel Cutter. Once you've got it, head back and slay the Jumbig in your path to reach a room with some Tecks, Reflect Blocks and Plantman Platforms. Shoot through the gap in the Reflect Blocks up top to get rid of the first Teck and activate the upper Platform, then head down and activate the lower one. In the next room is another Cucco, as well as more Magnets and another Magnet Shield; this one attaching itself to Mega Man's back, meaning this time you will be attracted/repelled by the Magnets while facing away, while being unaffected while facing forward. After getting the Shield, slide through the gap in the floor under the Magnets. To reach the key protected by the Magnets, make short hops to the right then quickly turn to the left as you are falling to avoid being pulled backwards. Alternatively, ride Rush Jet all the way to the wall, then turn around quickly once you reach it. Either way, grab it and climb up, then allow the Magnets to pull you backwards over the gap to reach the ladder upward. In the next room, clear out the enemies then bounce up on the Springs and shoot through the gap in the Reflect Blocks to activate the Platform (and don't forget to unlock the Key Barrier and get the third Noble Nickel!). Quickly eliminate the Teck from the Falling Platforms, then carefully move left along the Springs under the spikes, and bounce up to the ladder.

Clear out the enemies as you make your way left, then head under the ledge and, being mindful of the Elec Block, carefully jump over the gap to reach the fourth Noble Nickel, then head back and up. Destroy the Molier, then, again, face away from the Magnets and let them pull you over the large gap to the ladder. After killing the Picket Man, use the momentum of the Magnets' push to fling over the gap to reach the ladder, then cross through the red beam (again destroying your Shield) and enter the Teleporter. Once through, you'll be in a long hallway with several encased Devkit Robot Masters, whose essences will be drained as you pass them. Ominous. After passing through the boss doors, grab the E-Tank and yashichi, then drop down to face Seven Force. It is worth noting here that that, while if you die on any phase of the boss fight except the first (Barbarian Force) you will have the option to retry the boss starting from that phase, obtaining the final Noble Nickel requires you to beat all seven phases in one go. Good luck!


  • The level name is a reference to the fictional element featured in the 2009 movie Avatar, where it was being harvested on an alien planet.
  • It is possible to completely skip the Rocket Sled section by using Rush Jet or Super Arrow to advance over it onto the next screen.

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