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N/A : Null and Void

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2

The beginning of the end.
―The ready text, setting the mood for the true final stage.

Null and Void is the true final stage in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, accessible in Tier X only after all 125 other Energy Elements have been collected. Its main design centers around six floors with four rooms each. To descend each floor, one room out of the four presented on that floor must be cleared. Each floor also features a green teleporter that allows them to return to any previously visited floor, even when replaying the stage. The rooms themselves have been created by multiple people, in a manner similar to Reality Core and the Pit of Pits.


Floor 1[edit]

The first of many.

The player starts on this floor, dropping in from above. The Floor 1 lobby has no basic gimmick.


That Telly is ruining the symmetry!

Theme Song: Stage 12 (Free Song) (Elec Dam)
This room is a recreation of Volt Man's stage from the first Mega Man DOS game, and features him as a sub-boss at the end.


The Mettaur and the Missquid, in their natural habitat.

Theme Song: Mega Man Final 3 - Cyber Man (Cyber Man)
This level is a simple platforming stage utilizing several enemies from Tier 10 stages. At 11 screens, it is the shortest level in Null and Void.

MiniMacro, Entity1037[edit]

Talk about needing a spring in your step.

Theme Song: Shadow of the Ninja - Stage 5 (Poorly Named Level)
This level centers around the use of Springs and the health-draining variant of Quick Lasers. It requires great finesse to avoid the lasers and enemy fire while bouncing atop the springs.


Giant saws?!? But that's impossible!.

Theme Song: The Binding of Isaac - Cellar (Gunpowder Cellar)
This level features giant sawblades that move on visible circuits, similar to the platforms seen in Crash Man's stage. Several assets from Truffle Man also appear.

Floor 2[edit]

This one's bigger.

This floor 2 lobby is a larger space, and features Sparkman Platforms to access the higher rooms.

Freeman, The Stove Guy[edit]

I think I'm gonna throw up.

Theme Song: Corpse Party - Ray of Hope (But It Lacked the Depth to Convince Me That This is Really Hell)
While this level begins as a straightforward platforming stage involving springs, it drastically changes upon reaching the teleporter. The majority of this stage features screen wrapping, horizontal at first and then vertical, as well as a moving background and a monochrome palette that makes enemies the same color as you.


And there goes the grasshopper.

Theme Song: Silverstein - Massachusetts (City Under Siege)
This level is a recreation of Komuso Man's stage from Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha, and features him as a sub-boss. The original stage's miniboss, Twin Cannons, also appear as a sub-boss as well.

MiniMacro, snoruntpyro[edit]

Green and blue, just pass through. Green and red, you'll be dead.

Theme Song: MaGMML2 (Nitrogen Man and Nightwalk Castle)
This level features numerous Petit Snakeys, whose deaths causes a chain reaction of destruction through their bodies. Some red-coloured segments of their body release projectiles when destroyed, to further complicate progression.


And... Jump!

Theme Song: Mega Man LL - Wily 1 (Metallic Ocean)
This level features numerous moving water platforms from Splash Woman's stage at various speeds, creating a variety of timing challenges.

Floor 3[edit]

This one's... Tall.

The floor 3 lobby is a vertical room featuring Top Lifts.


Easy, I'll just jump over- Oh no.

Theme Song: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Mad Gear Zone Act 1 (Colorful Hall)
This level has extremely high gravity, rendering jumping useless. Wheel Cutter, Sakugarne and all utility weapons are disabled in this level.


Sloppy work as usual, MaGMMLers... The palettes are horrible, the grey beta tiles are ugly as usual, the first part is empty, then going

Theme Song: Super Mario World - Castle (Mario Land)
This stage opens with a "waerning" that there are many surprise enemies. That's an understatement; enemies pour in from holes in the ceiling here. It is recommended to use Flash Stopper as much as possible to stop the enemy spam before it starts, as not all enemies are weak enough to be destroyed by Jewel Satellite.


So many choices...

Theme Song: VVVVVV - Predestined Fate (Maze of Significantly Less Death and Sector Upsilon 6)
This level is a maze, reminiscent of the Bermuda Maze from Mega Man Star Force 2; it features several Mr. Hertzes as NPCs and has similar logic that can be confusing until you figure out what you need to do. Prior to Version 1.3.0, this level was notorious for requiring the player to jump into an invisible teleporter disguised as a pit of spikes; the teleporter is still invisible but the spikes are no longer there.



Theme Song: Rokko Chan - Volcano Man (Volcanic Furnace)
This stage features two autoscroll sections where you must run away from gigantic sawblades.

Floor 4[edit]

Listen it's hard coming up with captions, okay?

The floor 4 lobby features a Sideway Elevator for horizontal movement.


To be continued.

Theme Song: Zero Wing - Open Your Eyes (Stage 1) (AD 2101)
This level revolves around a variant of Destroyable Blocks that, rather than being destroyed by the player's Mega Buster, is destroyed by projectiles from enemies or stage hazards.

The Stove Guy[edit]

Take that, wall!.

Theme Song: Shovel Knight - Lost City (Shovel Knight)
This level utilizes Rolling Drills, both as platforms for the player's use and as vehicles to destroy the terrain to clear a path for them. Napalm Man MK 2 appears at the end as a sub-boss.


Gotta go!

Theme Song: Blaze Man (Blaze Man)
This level features a large vertical shaft with lava slowly rising up. Fire Man appears at the end as a sub-boss.


Ow, my eyes.

Theme Song: Expand Man (Neon Man)
This level is a maze that features the Warp Blocks from Cyber Man and requires exploration to find keys.

Floor 5[edit]

Is there even air in here?

The floor 5 lobby features several Fans from Wind Man's stage.


And there goes the 1-up.

Theme Song: Super Robot Wars - Silver Fallen Angel (Holy Crap, Mega Man Can Airslide?)
Aesthetically inspired by the Cyber Maze from Mega Man X5, this level makes heavy use of Quick Lasers and Yoku Blocks. The Stone Butterfly is encountered at the end.

Cruise Elroy[edit]

They're stealing my job!

Theme Song: Deep Space (Crystal Lab)
This level is a maze that utilizes Warp Blocks and is aesthetically similar to Sector Upsilon 6's secret area. All weapons other than the Mega Buster are disabled here.


Maybe porting MaGMML2 to the Virtual Boy wasn't such a good idea...

Theme Song: Jazz Jackrabbit - Medivo (Water Ducts)
This level is a long autoscroll section where only the colors red and black are used. As the background scrolls and the player-character is solid red, it is possible to momentarily lose sight of yourself.


I think I'm a clone now
There's always two of me just a-hangin' around

Theme Song: VVVVVV - Potential For Anything (Sector Upsilon 6)
This level features clones of the player's selected skin as enemies, either chasing them or using one of three weapons (Wire Adaptor, Grab Buster and Hornet Chaser) to attack them. A giant, holographic clone of the player appears at the end as a sub-boss.

Floor 6[edit]

Don't be scared, it's not a death pit.

The floor 6 lobby features vertical wrapping, similar to the Tier 6 hub and Wily Fortress VR.


According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a Chibee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat metal body off the ground.
The Chibee, of course, flies anyway, because Chibees don't care what humans think is impossible.

Theme Song: Mega Man 9 - Hornet Man (Identity Crisis)
This level is a sort of reimagining of Hornet Man's stage, where several enemies have been redone to use Chibees as their projectiles. Literally Just a Bee appears as a sub-boss at the end.


Gotta bounce.

Theme Song: Rockman DX3 - Stage Theme (Smed's Big Annoying Mess of a Level)
Acting as a sort of reprise of his submission level, Bouncy Castle, this level features its signature effect, now activating only when the blocks with up arrows on them are shot. Wheel Cutter, Sakugarne, and all utilities are disabled for this level. The Disco Ball and Boundin' Crash Man make returns as sub-bosses here, with these blocks on either side of their new boss rooms. Mega Man Volnutt also makes a cameo in the room after Boundin' Crash Man.


Not a spam level, actually.

Theme Song: Azure Striker Gunvolt - Garden (Inner Sanctum)
This level centers around moving various platforms and destroying barrier blocks to allow a Fire Wave to complete its path and destroy a barrier that blocks the player's path. If you fail at any of this level's puzzles, there are teleporters to reset the room; the bottomless pits and spikes also function as teleporters.



Theme Song: Mega Man 10 - Against The Pressure (The Stage Nobody Asked For)
This level is an incredibly high-speed section using the Frost Sled. As Yoku Blocks make up the majority of its terrain, the player must rely on their ability to react to the Jump Signs and Slide Signs rather than sight to navigate the level. The Die Sign appears as a sub-boss at the end.


The final opponent awaits...

After clearing six floors, the player finds themselves in a small chamber. A beam of rainbow light similar to the one that takes them to Tier 10 is present in the middle, with the last three Noble Nickels in the game and the return teleporter to the right of the room. Taking the beam begins the fight against Absolute ZERO, rewarding the player with the final Energy Element and the true credits upon completion.


  • Version 1.3.0 added music variety to Null and Void, adding the stage themes listed above. Prior to this, The Profound continued playing throughout the stages as well as the hub. Music variety is on by default but can be turned off.
  • Null and Void as a whole draws heavy inspiration from Shattered Dreams, the finale of the Super Mario World romhack JUMP; it was even originally named after it as well.
    • Furthermore, The Profound was also the theme music for Shattered Dreams.
  • Enjl's level is based on the level "the hermeneutics of lugwig [sic] von koopa" from the Super Mario World romhack YUMP, and has the official name "the hermeneutics of professor wiley".

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