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The Pit of Pits is a bonus area in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 that can be accessed after the player has cleared the Wily Star II. It can be found in the main hub between Tier 8 and Tier 9, though attempting to access it before unlocking it will leave Mega Man with little more than a Picket Man, who informs the player that he and his cohorts are working on its construction under their sponsor, Galaxy Man. It is comprised of 120 mini-stages created by contest entrants and judges, and plays somewhat similarly to the Endless Attack mode in Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, with the key difference that all stage elements that would normally result in instant death have been toned down: Quick Lasers now do continuous damage similar to those seen in The Quickening 2, spikes do 7 damage on contact, and falling into a pit or being crushed deals 3 damage and sends the player back to the start of the mini-stage.

The player cannot take E-Tanks and collectable Bolts inside the Pit with them; the two have separate counts while inside. However, they will be returned again if the player leaves in any fashion. This rule does not apply to the M-Tank, however. Additionally, the player is barred from taking Super Mode inside until they've cleared the Pit for the first time.

Once the player has cleared the Pit for the first time, Galaxy Man will offer the player to visit any of the sub-levels independently at their own whim; however, if the player wishes to rematch him, they must go through the Pit again or use the Boss Gallery teleporter in the Dojo to do so.

Stage Listing[edit]

Due to the relatively small length of these mini-stages, all description and strategy for them shall be documented here.

Submitted Stages[edit]

Room Creator Summary Enemies Gimmicks Minibosses Bosses
A light challenge. TheSkipper1995 An area based on (using tiles from) Rainbow Man's stage from Mega Man Unlimited, centering around Quick Laser challenges. N/A Quick Laser N/A N/A
Airbag NaOH A short, one-room area containing a swarm of Flying Shells that do not open, instead staying closed and moving on one direction. This leaves Mega Man needing to do precise dodging, while also dealing with a few Twin Cannons. Flying Shell, Twin Cannon Destroyable Block (all Special Weapons) N/A N/A
A missiled opportunity TheSkipper1995 A section involving Ballade Missiles, where the player has to deal with enemies while also making sure to keep certain missiles intact for platforming. Metall Dance, Molier Ballade Missile N/A N/A
Ancient Town Zieldak A Greek water area with Crabbots and Croakers serving as the primary obstacles in the first room (ending with a Squidon), and Gabgyos serving as the primary obstacles in the second and third rooms. Crabbot, Croaker, Gabgyo (swim) N/A Squidon N/A
A Warehouse of Scissors adrian09_01 A warehouse area with Conveyors serving as the main gimmick, and Cutting Wheels, Octopus Batteries, and Screw Bombers appearing as enemies. Cutting Wheel, Octopus Battery, Screw Bomber Conveyor (MM2) N/A N/A
Beach Party Strife This area features a lot of Air Tikis and the Gremlins they spawn, as well as the occasional Parasyu. Gremlin, Parasyu Air Tiki, Tomahawk Platform N/A N/A
Be The Bigger Person? Zieldak A level based on the MaGMML1 Wily stage of the same name. Notably, this is the only level in the entire Pit with a true custom object; everything else uses devkit assets and/or arbitrary code execution. If Mega Man is standing where a Pacifist Door appears when it appears, he will die and be sent back to the start of the Pit. Croaker, Pole, Returning Sniper Joe, Skeleton Joe Pacifist Door N/A N/A
Big Toilet Big Fish A platforming area that features Komasaburos, Robo-Rabbits, and Komuso Mines. Komasaburo, Robo-Rabbit Komuso Mine N/A N/A
Boobeak Trap NaOH A recreation of the Boobeam Trap fight from Mega Man 2, only with Beaks to fight this time. Beak, Returning Sniper Joe, Sniper Armor Crash Lift, Destroyable Block (Grab Buster) N/A N/A
Chilled to the Bone Flashman85 An ice level populated with skeleton-themed enemies. There are no pits, spikes, or other gimmicks. Docron, Mummira, Skeleton Joe, Skullmet, Skull Walker N/A N/A N/A
Chroma Key? Zieldak An area based on the MaGMML1 entry of the same name. Blocky, Hammer Joe, Metall, Picket Man, Ratton, Taban, Telly, Tondeall N/A Big Snakey, Hot Dog N/A
Citadel Attic BBLIR Named after Citadel Basement, the area mostly focuses on avoiding enemies, with a Rolling Drill opening up a secret room at the end. This secret room includes a plethora of screws, plus an E-Tank and M-Tank, though Mega Man will have to make sure to destroy the Rolling Drill just as it finishes clearing the path again after exiting the secret room. Biree, Bolton and Nutton, Dachone Ltd. Ed., Hammer Joe, Returning Sniper Joe Rolling Drill, Sparkman Platform N/A N/A
Citadel Basement Shenanigans Entity1037 A level inspired by Citadel Basement, specifically the vertial portion of the stage. Beak Guts Lift N/A N/A
City Night Entity1037 A nighttime city area centered around riding a Block Train. Pandeeta, Ring Ring Block Train N/A N/A
Clouded Judgement Flashman85 A sky level featuring cloud-themed enemies and gimmicks. Biribaree, Bomb Flier, Gremlin, Lightning Lord, Submarine Flier Air Tiki, Cloud Platform (MM2), Cloud Platform (MM3) N/A N/A
Cold Power Plant Big Fish An icy fortress area focused on combining Magnet Machines with ice physics, with the occasional Hothead. Hothead Magnet Machine N/A N/A
Cold Water TheMegaFan19XX An icy underwater area with the main enemies being Sea Mines, Metall Swims, and Mantans. Batton, Curlinger, Mantan, Metall Swim, Mummira, Sea Mine N/A N/A N/A
Concrete Mix Zieldak An area using tiles from Concrete Man's stage, with Spines, Pottons, and Cannons appearing as the only enemies, and jumps across Concrete Platforms appearing at the end. Cannon, Potton, Spine Concrete Platform N/A N/A
Cossack Climb NaOH A nighttime fortress area centered around jumps onto Tornado Platforms, with Top Lifts also appearing in the final room. Butterdroid, Petit Devil (green), Petit Snakey Top Lift, Tornado Platform N/A N/A
Cutman IRL ParmaJon An area based on Cut Man's stage, designed with the intention of trying to make Super Cutters threatening. This area also contains Drop Platforms. Blader Drop Platform, Super Cutter N/A N/A
Cut Them Down To Size DoctorNovakaine A platforming area featuring a lot of Mizziles, as well as the Shadow Man platforms. Mizzile Drop Platform N/A N/A
da ba dee da ba di JupiHornet A nighttime area with a simple assortment of enemies serving as obstacles. Beak, Docron, Gachappon, Hothead, Komasaburo, Metall, Pierrobug, Returning Sniper Joe, Up'n'Down N/A N/A N/A
De Renhoek A fortress area focusing on jumps across Drop Platforms, with Returning Sniper Joes behind Reflect Blocks serving as additional obstacles. The area ends in the same room it starts in. Garyoby, Returning Sniper Joe, Scworm Destroyable Block (Grab Buster), Drop Platform, Reflect Block N/A N/A
Deja Vu Strife A room that involves tracking back and forth multiple times to get rid of the different-colored Sheep Blocks, as well as going through tunnels featuring a lot of Fans. Apache Joe, Ring Ring, Taketento Conveyor (MM2), Count Bomb, Fan, Sheep Block N/A N/A
Descent NaOH A fortress area based on the latter half of Wily 2 from the original Mega Man, where Mega Man must carefully avoid several Octopus Batteries. Octopus Battery N/A N/A N/A
Discount Yoku Man Zieldak A fortress area focused around Yoku Block puzzles. N/A Yoku Block N/A N/A
Drill Pickle NaOH A cave area centered around avoiding Acid Drops, Moliers, Junk Blocks, and Propeller Eyes. Molier, Propeller Eye Acid Drop, Junk Block N/A N/A
Epic Wrap Battle snoruntpyro A construction site area focused around using screen wrapping to get around certain obstacles. Bombomb, Kouker Q, Metall Dance, Tadahou Destroyable Block (Mega Buster), Falling Platform (MM5), Needle Press, Spring, Tomahawk Platform N/A N/A
Feelings Strife This involves Yoku Blocks that are resprited to have the official MaGMML2 Discord's "I feel it" emote, depicting Bass looking upwards when standing on a Tornado Platform. N/A Bouncy Tile, Yoku Block N/A N/A
Flippin' Tops BBLIR A greenhouse area where Mega Man is upside down for half of its duration. Bolton and Nutton, Bomb Thrown, Nobita Bouncy Tile, Gravity Flip N/A N/A
Forgotten Fortress BBLIR Not to be mistaken for the entry level of the same name, this area is a platforming challenge that uses the aesthetics of that level, while also containing a few Tellies and Fatools. Fatool, Telly Concrete Platform, Drop Platform, Plantman Platform N/A N/A
Fragile Tower Renhoek A Falling Tower area with Tatepakkans appearing as the only enemies. Tatepakkan Darkman Block, Falling Tower N/A N/A
Gambly Night snoruntpyro It is a large, casino-themed area with a variety of enemies, with the main gimmicks being Springs and Sparkman Platforms. It is based on the level of the same name from VLDC9. Crazy Cannon, Imorm, Lyric, Penpen (swim), Petit Devil (green), Pickelman Bull, Potton, Shield Attacker, Spring Face Bomb, Totem Polen Sparkman Platform, Spring N/A N/A
Game Over - Return of Fire Beed28 A castle area with several fire-themed enemies, as well as several Cannons and Hammer Joes. It is based off of one of Beed28's two Mega Man Endless stages, albeit with the layout mirrored and using a different tileset. The name is a reference to the game over screen from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (from which the tileset originates). Cannon, Hammer Joe, Hothead, Shield Attacker, Tackle Fire, Telly Drop Platform, Fire Pillar N/A N/A
Geothermal Construction Entity1037 A cave area centered around avoiding Moles. Mole N/A N/A N/A
Glass Man? Zieldak An area directly based on the MaGMML1 entry of the same name. Bolton and Nutton, Gachappon, Tatepakkan Crystal Generator, Falling Platform (MM2) (resprite) N/A N/A
Greenhouse Effect MiniMacro A sunset area with a few simple platforms that can be jumped through from below. Pottons and Metall DX appear as the main enemies, and the level ends with a battle against a Metall Potton. Potton, Metall DX (walk), Metall EX, Metall Run and Gun N/A Metall Potton N/A
Greenhouse Lights! DoctorNovakaine This involves Mega Man running down a vertical path while dodging Quick Lasers. N/A Quick Laser N/A N/A
Ground Eater BBLIR This area contains a Rolling Drill that is constantly destroying the ground behind Mega Man. N/A Falling Platform (MM5), Rolling Drill N/A N/A
Gutsy NaOH A construction site area with a short ride on a Battan, as well as several Scworms. Blocky, Killer Bullet, Scworm, Suzy G Battan N/A N/A
Hot Liquid Sector Lizardcommando A hybrid of Flame Man and Shadow Man's stages (the tileset of the latter is used), with Drop Platform challenges mixed with Pooker rides over Oil, while fighting enemies capable of igniting it. Fire Boy, Fire Telly, Hammer Joe, New Shotman, Pooker, Tondeall Drop Platform, Oil N/A N/A
Hot Mess Liquafool A fortress area with almost all enemies being Fire Boys, which appear one screen at a time with a myriad of other gimmicks in their vicinity, making each room increasingly difficult to get through. A Hot Dog appears as the sole enemy in the final room. Fire Boy Count Bomb, Destroyable Block (Jewel Satellite), Falling Platform (MM5), Fire Pillar, Gravity Change, Plantman Platform, Wanaan Hot Dog N/A
Ice Climber Zieldak An ice area focused around Chill Man Block platforming. A Squidon appears at the end. Curlinger, Spine, Teck Chill Man Block Squidon N/A
I Have No Shame Strife An upward climb with Bounders and Moles as the primary enemies, and Plantman Platforms as the primary gimmick. Bounder, Mole Plantman Platform N/A N/A
Industrious Indignation Kuno An incinerator area where Mega Man must ride a Wave Man Jetski on lava while avoiding Tellies, Fire Waves, and Fire Pillars. Telly Fire Pillar, Fire Wave, Wave Man Jetski N/A N/A
Inner Sanctum Entity1037 Not to be mistaken for the Wily stage of the same name, this area features an ambush of Skull Walkers across a long hallway. Skull Walker N/A N/A N/A
It's Beginning to Feel Just Like an Ice World NaOH A snow area focused around avoiding or defeating Fleas, Pengs, and Flying Shells. Mildly inspired by the Tier 6 Level Just an Ice Level. Flea, Flying Shell, Peng N/A N/A N/A
Ja Renhoek A platforming challenge with a lot of Guts Lifts. Spring Head Destroyable Block (Slash Claw), Guts Lift N/A N/A
Junkyard 81 NaOH An area reminiscent of Spark Man's stage from Mega Man 3, sharing some of its enemies and its Junk Blocks (and even its unused foreground tiles). Electric Gabyoall, Junk Golem, Peterchy Junk Block N/A N/A
Labyrinthe Throwback Beed28 A partially-underwater area with several different enemies, as well as a single Yoku Block puzzle. It is based off of one of Beed28's two Mega Man Endless stages, albeit with the layout mirrored and using a different tileset (that of Labyrinth Zone from the 8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog). Beak, Big Fish, Crabbot, Croaker, Mechakkero, Octopus Battery, Spring Head Count Bomb, Destroyable Block (Slash Claw) Yoku Block N/A N/A
Limited Attrition Flashman85 A nighttime city level with no pits, spikes, or gimmicks; the player must face a series of Dachone Ltd. Ed. enemies. This level was created to give this enemy type a chance to shine, as its lone appearance in Mega Man 6 is extremely brief. An M-Tank is found at the start of the level, and a large weapon and health refill are just beyond the exit teleporter. Dachone Ltd. Ed. N/A N/A N/A
Logan's Runner ZSaber This is an autoscrolling segment over a lot of various tilesets and alien geometries. The area contains both an E-tank and a Yashichi, which can be very useful to a player late into the Pit. Sumatran, Yudon Chill Man Block, Drill Boulder, Fan, Fork Block N/A N/A
Lyrickrolled Flashman85 Swarms of Lyrics attack the player and drop other enemies of various types (and Eddie) when destroyed. The level was created to harness the absurd potential of the devkit allowing enemies to drop specific objects when destroyed, and the name of the level is a portmanteau referencing Rickrolling. One strategy is to advance slowly, carefully destroying one enemy at a time to avoid being overrun. A faster and potentially safer strategy is the pacifist route: without firing a shot, dodge the Lyrics by using the platforms along the top of the screen to stay out of their way as often as possible. A large health refill is available at the beginning. Apache Joe, Big Telly, Chibee, Copipi, Crazy Razy, Cutting Wheel, Elec'n, Foojeen, Kemumakin, Lyric, Mono Roader, Nitron, Penpen EV, Power Muscler, Sumatran, Totem Polen, Wander Bell N/A N/A N/A
Magic Crash-Pit Ride ZSaber An area with several different themes requiring Mega Man to ride on a Crash Lift. Mega Man does not need to move to avoid damage. Atomic Chicken, Au-Au, Ben K, Big Fish, Cannon, Caricarry, Claw, Colton, Gabgyo (jump), Giree, Gremlin, Lyric, Monking, Mummira, Octopus Battery, Pierobot, Returning Sniper Joe, Rounder, Sniper Armor Acid Drop, Crash Lift, Drill Boulder N/A N/A
Maze of Death? Zieldak An area directly based on the MaGMML1 entry of the same name, with Destroyable Blocks blocking the path to the exit, requiring Mega Man to find areas from which he can destroy them. Returning Sniper Joe, Sniper Joe, Taban, Telly Bouncy Tile, Destroyable Block (Mega Buster, Jewel Satellite, Grab Buster, Slash Claw), Guts Lift, Spring N/A N/A
MEG4KMAN gone-sovereign The level is based on a four-kilobyte Mega Man Java game of the same name by Markus 'Notch' Persson, which was submitted to the Java4K 2009 competition. The tileset and a few screens of the Pit level were modeled after the original MEG4KMAN. Beak, Metall, Octopus Battery, Spine N/A N/A N/A
Mega Lift BBLIR A single-screen area where Mega Man must ride a Crash Lift to the exit while a Hologran obstructs his view of the room. Fatool, Hologran, Ring Ring Crash Lift N/A N/A
Mega Man a - Area 1 Zieldak A cave area focused primarily on enemy challenges, including unique small enemies that can only jump and shoot. Metall (resprite), Returning Sniper Joe (resprite) N/A N/A N/A
Mega Man a - Area 2 Zieldak An area that features a bunch of Yoku Block challenges, before reaching a short area with a few Cannon Joes. Cannon Joe (resprite), Metall (resprite) Yoku Block N/A N/A
Mega Man a - Area 3 Zieldak An area that opens with some Cannons, before bringing the player to an area with massive Shield Attackers, reskinned Returning Sniper Joes, and spikes. This and the other two "Mega Man a" areas are inspired by the Mega Man a' minigame from Mega Man ZX Advent. Cannon (resprite), Returning Sniper Joe (resprite), Shield Attacker (resprite) N/A N/A N/A
Metroid: Zero Mission snoruntpyro A Metroid-themed area with the only enemies being M-422As, Hirarian 427s, and SRU-21/Ps. This level is notable as one of two that changes the background music. Hirarian 427, M-422A, SRU-21/P N/A N/A N/A
Michael's Base Big Fish An underground base area focused on explosives; specifically, Walking Bombs, Bomber Pepes, and Ballade Missiles. Bomber Pepe, Walking Bomb Ballade Missile N/A N/A
Mission: Vain Space? notencore A long, mostly-harmless drop inspired by Objective: Vain Space. N/A Elec Block N/A N/A
Mook Rush NaOH An area the size of a single room where various enemies will spawn, with Mega Man having to defeat all of them to exit. The enemies that appear are randomized. Various N/A N/A N/A
Mt. Furioso Strife An ice area where Mega Man must ride a Cloud Platform to the exit while avoiding Tellies and Big Tellies. Big Telly, Telly Cloud Platform (MM3) N/A N/A
My Cool New Boss Fight snoruntpyro It features four battles against Volt Man (although all of them can actually be ignored, as they don't block access to the next screen / teleporter), with each one having some addition to the terrain to add difficulty to the battle while keeping the Volt Men themselves the same. The first battle includes an object that spawns Elec'n sparks, though Volt Man himself doesn't do anything. The second Volt Man will actually attack, and the room has two Elec'n spark spawners, as well as a raised area in the middle covering spikes. The third Volt Man battle only includes one Elec'n spark spawner, but also has an Elec Block on each side of the room, with the two Elec Blocks alternating between each other. The fourth and final Volt Man simply serves as an obstacle between Mega Man and the teleporter, with spikes and a single Elec Block also present to watch out for. Elec'n Elec Block N/A Volt Man
Nice Rompy Cutman Level Entity1037 A single-screen warehouse area with the only obstacle being a group of Flying Shells. Flying Shell N/A N/A N/A
Nice Rompy Spike Fall Entity1037 This stage is identical to the spike fall in Entity's submission level, The Stage Nobody Asked For, just re-skinned to look similar to the spike drop from Wily 3 in Mega Man 2. N/A N/A N/A N/A
Night of Semiramis snoruntpyro A nighttime castle area with fast Teckyuns serving as the main obstacle, and Tom Boys and Tatebos also appearing. Tatebo, Tom Boy Teckyun N/A N/A
Night Way TheMegaFan19XX A nighttime warehouse area focused around enemy challenges, mainly involving Yambows and Fan Fiends. Cocco, Corocoro, Dada, Fan Fiend, Returning Sniper Joe, Yambow N/A N/A N/A
No Room To Breathe BBLIR An area with only two rooms, and very narrow passageways. The first room (which includes both the entrance and exit) has two Komasaburos in it, while the second has a Scworm and a Fan Fiend. Fan Fiend, Komasaburo, Scworm N/A N/A N/A
No Time to Waste Zieldak An area modeled after Quick Man's stage, focusing on Quick Laser challenges. N/A Quick Laser N/A N/A
Obscure Gameboy Gimmick snoruntpyro This room features a lot of invincible Tatepakkans, but with a twist--they don't deal contact damage, instead acting as platforms. The level revolves around timing movements properly so their shields are at the proper height so Mega Man can slide through. Tatepakkan, Watcher Needle Press N/A N/A
Ocean Sickness Flashman85 A level where the top portion is above water and features scrolling walls, and where the bottom portion is underwater and features a fight with Splash Woman and challenges involving water spouts. The level was originally intended to focus exclusively on challenges with scrolling walls, but due to technical issues with many room configurations not working properly, most of the level had to be redesigned. A water theme ties together the surviving scrolling challenges with a few other elements that have been similarly underutilized in MaGMML2 and the official Mega Man games. The level title is a play on "motion sickness," narrowly beating out the title "Motion in the Ocean." M-422A, Pole, Wall Blaster II Pole Egg, Scrolling Tiles, Water Block Squidon Splash Woman
Once More, With Ceiling Flashman85 A series of seemingly unrelated challenges, which find new life when the player unexpectedly ends up on the ceiling (after a potentially heart-stopping brush with death, because Flashman85 delights in causing panic where there's little or no danger) and must travel back to the start of the level in reverse. As with most of Flashman85's pit levels, the asset selection deliberately includes some of the most underutilized enemies in the game. The level title is a play on the phrase "once more, with feeling." Foojeen, Hirarian 427, Prop-Top, Suzy G, SW-525 Acid Drop, Gravity Flip N/A N/A
Over the Pit Zieldak An area focused on performing tight jumps while avoiding Propeller Eyes and Browns. Brown, Propeller Eye N/A N/A N/A
Overwater Atmosphere Kuno An area with several spikes to avoid, Falling Platforms as the main gimmick, and an enemy lineup consisting solely of Nobitas, Ring Rings, and New Shotmen. New Shotman, Nobita, Ring Ring Falling Platform (MM2) N/A N/A
Paradrop NaOH A slow descent on a parachute, which makes Mega Man fall more slowly, and he can hold the up direction to fall even more slowly, or down to fall faster. Several airborne enemies appear on the way down, with some grounded shooting enemies also appearing at the very end. Bomb Flier, Cannon Joe, Cannopeller, Crazy Cannon, Haehaey, Pipi, Prop-Top, Returning Sniper Joe, Submarine Flier, Taketento, Wall Blaster II N/A N/A N/A
Pipeworks Shinryu An area focused on Wave Man Warps, with Metall Cannons and Pierrobugs serving as enemies. Metall Cannon, Pierrobug Fan, Wave Man Warp N/A N/A
Pit NaOH A level based on Kid Icarus for the NES. A custom script was used to change the enemies' sprites into those of Kid Icarus enemies. This level is notable as one of two that changes the background music. Docron (reskinned into Shemum), Peng (reskinned into Monoeye) N/A N/A N/A
Puzzle Box Zaealix This is a one-screen "puzzle" level that requires use of Special Weapons in order to break blocks and clear a path to the exit. N/A Destroyable Block (all Special Weapons) N/A N/A
Reserved Forest Big Fish A simple platforming area in Concrete Man's stage, featuring Springs and a lot of Apache Joes and Tom Boys. Apache Joe, Tom Boy Spring N/A N/A
Rise to the Challenge Flashman85 A Falling Tower area with various flying/floating enemies appearing from the sides, with the enemy type changing depending on what story of the tower Mega Man is currently on. The enemies in order are: Tellies, Killer Bullets, Togeheros, Flying Shells, and Chibees. Chibee, Flying Shell, Killer Bullet, Telly, Togehero Darkman Block, Falling Tower N/A N/A
Safe Shallows Zieldak A water area focused on carefully avoiding spikes, with Sea Mines, Metall Swims, and Mantans serving as additional obstacles. Mantan, Metall Swim, Sea Mine, V N/A N/A N/A
Sandstorm Base Shinryu A desert base area with constant Sandstorms, as well as several shielded and durable enemies. Garyoby, Komasaburo, Tadahou, Tatepakkan Quicksand, Sandstorm N/A N/A
Sea Breeze Entity1037 A simple de-make of portions of Mega Water S's stage from Mega Man: The Wily Wars. Gabgyo (swim), Pelicanu, SRU-21/P N/A N/A N/A
Serpent's Curse DoctorNovakaine An area focused around Petit Snakey Pillars, which are sometimes obstructed by invincible Junk Blocks. Two Big Snakeys serve as midbosses at the end. Petit Snakey Junk Block, Petit Snakey Pillar, Quick Laser, Reflect Block Big Snakey N/A
Sheep Obstruction WreckingPrograms A drop-down level where the player has to battle spawning enemies and avoid spikes while waiting for Sheep Blocks to disappear. Jamacy, Petit Snakey, Telly Sheep Block N/A N/A
Shields and Pits Zieldak A fortress area focused around Metall DX and New Shield Attackers, with several jumps over pits. Metall DX, New Shield Attacker N/A N/A N/A
Showdown At Dusk Zatsupachi A showdown with Quint on a setting sun. This stage has multiple Pipi spawners, great for farming bolts. Apache Joe, Elec'n, Pipi, Walking Bomb N/A N/A Quint
Skull Man Kills snoruntpyro A bone area with several custom spawners that shoot bones, as well as Skeleton Joes, and even a Whopper with rings that turn into bones. The area is named after a fangame of the same name by Smedis. Skeleton Joe Flip Platform Whopper N/A
Slippery Snakes Renhoek An icy crystal area focused around Petit Snakey Pillars. Petit Snakey Petit Snakey Pillar N/A N/A
Spiky Meltdown? Zieldak A level inspired by the MaGMML1 entry of the same name. Hammer Joe, Metall, Potton, Returning Sniper Joe, Spine, Walking Bomb Falling Platform (MM5), Plantman Platform N/A N/A
Spinning Top Disposal Room BBLIR An area that leads into a short vertical section filled with enemies, as well as some goodies. Batton, Hammer Joe, Komasaburo, Petit Devil (yelow), Shield Attacker Concrete Platform, Guts Lift, Rock Platform N/A N/A
Stairway to Nether Zatsupachi An area that directly references Konpaku Youmu's stage from Megamari. Mega Man must climb a large staircase while enemies rush down it. This specific pit segment has a 50% chance of being set in the afternoon or at night. Atomic Chicken, Blocky, Jamacy, Walking Bomb N/A N/A N/A
Stone Man Rip-off Schmidkalkan A mountain-themed area (which, as the name implies, uses tiles from Stone Man's stage) with Caricarries, both Metall DX variants, and Tatepakkans serving as enemies, with Count Bombs appearing as additional obstacles. Caricarry, Metall DX (both variants), Tatepakkan Count Bomb N/A N/A
Stormy Ascent Cruise Elroy This area features Toad Rain combined with various platforms, such as Crash Lifts, Daidines, and Tornado Platforms. Biree, Cannon Joe, Helipon, Metall DX (fly), Potton, Telly, Tondeall Crash Lift, Daidine, Toad Rain, Tornado Platform N/A N/A
The Pit Stage Nobody Asked For Entity1037 An area inspired by The Stage Nobody Asked For. Apache Joe, Biree N/A N/A N/A
The Top 10 Most Commonly Used Enemies, In Increasing Order NaOH Exactly what it says on the tin. These enemies are Rock Thrown, New Shotman, Neo Metall, Komasaburo, Wall Blaster II, Shield Attacker, Pickelman Bull, Crazy Cannon, Telly, and Hammer Joe. Crazy Cannon, Hammer Joe, Komasaburo, Neo Metall, New Shotman, Pickelman Bull, Rock Thrown, Shield Attacker, Telly, Wall Blaster II N/A N/A N/A
Thunderclyffe Plant? Zieldak An area based on the MaGMML1 entry of the same name. Cannon, Octopus Battery, Picket Man, Super Ball Machine Jr. N/A N/A N/A
To the top BBLIR A citadel area centered around use of the Sideway Elevator to avoid Ring Rings. Metall, Ring Ring Concrete Platform, Sideway Elevator, Sparkman Platform N/A N/A
Tower Climbing TheMegaFan19XX A fortress area focused around avoiding and defeating various enemies, mostly Hammer Joes, Battontons, Yambows, and Skeleton Joes. Battonton, Hammer Joe, Metall DX, Puyoyon, Rackaser, Skeleton Joe, Yambow N/A N/A N/A
Towerfall BBLIR A Falling Tower area where several items can be obtained if Mega Man is cautious or fast enough while destroying the Darkman Blocks. N/A Darkman Block, Falling Tower N/A N/A
Trash Dash Flashman85 An autoscroller featuring Junk Golems, Junk Chutes, and Compactors; the latter of which can easily kill Mega Man instantly, ending his run. At some points, Mega Man must go deep within trash, slowing his speed a bit as long as he's on the ground. Junk Golem Compactor, Cossack Snow, Junk Block N/A N/A
Tselinoyarsk 20XX Lizardcommando Named after the jungle that Naked Snake infiltrates in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Uses the same tileset as Plant Man's stage. Batabattan, Battonton, Hammer Joe, Katonbyon, Power Muscler, Sumatran, Walking Bomb N/A Gorilla Tank N/A
Typical Miniboss Fights snoruntpyro A series of fights with Metall Pottons, with different platforms. Each Metall Potton will dispense an enemy other than their usual Metalls. Copipi, Hammer Joe, Jamacy, Jet Buton, Peat, Pierobot, Pukapelly, Pukapucker Sparkman Platform, Tomahawk Platform Metall Potton N/A
Up And Down DoctorNovakaine An area with constant Gravity Flips, requiring Mega Man to hurry to the next platform while also avoiding whatever enemy is near it. Bomb Flier, Gabgyo (jump), Jet Bomb, Jet Buton, Peng, Petit Devil (yellow), Shield Attacker, Shrink, Tadahou, Up'n'Down, Wander Bell Gravity Flip N/A N/A
Vacuum Seal NaOH This is a short vertical climbing stage with Au-Aus. Au-Au, Picket Man N/A N/A N/A
Vu Renhoek It is a sky-themed area that focuses on jumps across Sparkman Platforms, with the end of the area being the same room the area started in. Bomb Flier, Giree Sparkman Platform N/A N/A
Warp Zone NaOH A single-screen area made using teleporter tiles, with five Screw Bombers and one Spine to avoid. Screw Bomber, Spine N/A N/A N/A
Water Boat Fast Strife This area is a short Wave Man Jetski segment, featuring a miniboss battle with a Moby. Blader, Irucan, Jet Bomb, V Wave Man Jetski Moby N/A
Waterfall NaOH A simple platform challenge focusing on Croakers. The area can be effectively skipped by using a utility such as Rush Coil or Super Arrow to get to the exit sooner than intended. Croaker N/A N/A N/A
Water Test The Stove Guy This area features a water area in tandem with Presses, as well as an assortment of enemies to attack the player. A Key is needed to get through a Key Barrier nearby, which leads to a few more rooms before leading to the exit. Bomber Pepe, Crazy Cannon, Up'n'Down Key Barrier, Press N/A N/A
What a rush! TheSkipper1995 This is a level designed around using Rush Coil and Rush Jet, though other weapons can be used to trivialize it. Spine Conveyor (MM2), Elec Block, Quick Laser N/A N/A
WIIIILLLLLLDDDDD West Big Fish A western area focused exclusively on Coltons and Wanaans. Colton Wanaan N/A N/A
Wily's Cutting Edge Deja Vu Beed28 An area based off of the first few screens of Wily 2 from the original Mega Man, including the battle against Cut Man. Blader, Screw Bomber N/A N/A Cut Man
Wily Sewer Entrance BBLIR A fortress area with a few simple obstacles, such as Girees on platforms, or jumps on Ice Platforms over burning Oil. Battonton, Giree, Hothead Ice Platform, Oil N/A N/A
Wood you please be careful? TheSkipper1995 A forest-themed area with Tadahous, Batabattans, and Cyber Gabyoalls serving as enemies, and Plantman Platforms serving as the main gimmick. Batabattan, Cyber Gabyoall, Tadahou Plantman Platform, Reflect Block N/A N/A
You Gotta Be Kitten Me DoctorNovakaine This one-room mini-stage features a battle against Gamarn and Gamadayu, with the addition of a Tama that is out of the player's reach and fires its projectiles down at them. N/A N/A Gamarn and Gamadayu, Tama N/A
You know the Drill. TheSkipper1995 A jungle base area focused around avoiding Rolling Drills (and sometimes Metall Cannons) while waiting for Count Bombs to explode. Metall Cannon Count Bomb, Destroyable Block (Slash Claw), Rolling Drill N/A N/A

Special Stages[edit]

Galaxy Man's Lemonade Stand[edit]

Upon the clearing of every tenth mini-stage, the player will be sent to Galaxy Man's Lemonade Stand, a shop within the Pit of Pits where players can buy health, energy, and passive upgrades to make the remaining mini-stages easier. The player can also talk to Galaxy Man here, in which case most of his dialogue is referential humor.

These three items are always available for sale:

Item Cost In-Game Description
Health 10 Bolts Restores 5 energy.
Energy 15 Bolts Restores 5 Weapon energy in all weapons.
E-Tank 150 Bolts Energy Tank.

In addition, Galaxy Man will randomly select two (or sometimes three) of the following items to sell each visit:

Item Cost In-Game Description Comment
Eddie 40 Bolts Eddie appears every other level instead of every 5. Self-explanatory. This upgrade is relatively cheap because many of the levels are not designed around Eddie; it is not uncommon for him to walk into a pit, or have his drop disappear before the player can safely reach it.
M-Tank 180 Bolts Mystery Tank. Self-explanatory. Prior to version 1.3, up to 9 M-Tanks could be purchased and even brought outside of the Pit.
Parachute 30 Bolts Pits deal 2 damage instead of 3. Self-explanatory.
Spike 60 Bolts Spikes deal 5 damage instead of 7. Self-explanatory.
Joe Helmet 50 Bolts Joes have less health. All Joe-type enemies have their health reduced to 1.
Skull 100 Bolts Bosses have less health. 6 less health, to be exact.
Grab Buster 81 Bolts Grab Buster heals you an extra hit point. Self-explanatory. This effect is also applied to the Haunt Pumpkin's healing.
?-Tank 100 Bolts I'm ripping you off. All following visits to Galaxy Man's Lemonade Stand will contain a ?-Tank.

Tip: If you jump off either side of the lemonade stand and respawn, Galaxy Man's Shop will refresh, allowing the ability to repeat this until you have bought each special item.


This room only appears at the end of the Pit of Pits, after clearing all 120 mini-stages. Aside from the two E-Tanks resting on a ledge towards the top of the screen, it is a completely featureless room. Proceeding to the right in this room prompts a short dialogue with, followed by the boss battle against, Galaxy Man.

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