Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

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Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero
Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero (also known as MaGMML: Episode Zero or MaGMML EZ for short) is an interquel in the Make a Good Mega Man Level series, set in between Make a Good Mega Man Level and Make a Good Mega Man Level 2. The game was originally intended to be part of Make a Good Mega Man Level Remastered, but development issues on that game resulted in Episode Zero becoming its own game. Unlike past MaGMML projects, the game is not a contest, but rather a linear collaborative game with community-submitted levels and a greater emphasis on story.


Divided into a three chapter structure, the story follows Zero after his first battle with Mega Man, as he helps Dr. Wily gather Energy Elements to aid his research in altering the fabric of reality. Along the way, Zero comes into conflict with a mysterious quartet of robots known as the Simulation Recon and Research Administration (SRARA). What little else is known about the story is that Agents Krantz and Stern from the Archie comics are expected to play a role, and the third chapter takes place in Tier X, with Null and Void being the final level.


Instead of Mega Man, players control Zero in gameplay similar to that of the canon Zero's in the Mega Man X games. Zero has increased mobility compared to Mega Man, being able to dash, air-dash, double-jump, and stomp. While he lacks Special Weapons, he has three weapons; the Z-Buster, a slow shot that can be aimed slightly up or down with no energy cost, the Z-Saber, a close-quarters energy slash, and the Z-Burst, a wide burst of piercing shots. Additionally, he has five chips he can equip to alter each weapon, as well as use a unique "Drive" weapon. Unlike the weapons (sans the Z-Buster), an equipped chip doesn't use ammunition, but drains energy over time, and can only be refilled by passing a checkpoint.


In total, there are 62 entries/stages split across three chapters. Unlike other games in the MaGMML series, each one is unlocked and played through in a linear order (although Chapter 2 allows the player to choose which order to collect the chips in). The stages are listed below, in order:


Chapter 1: From Zero to... Zero[edit]

Chapter 2: Searching Far and Wide[edit]

Flame Chip[edit]

Icicle Chip[edit]

Zap Chip[edit]

Psycho Chip[edit]


Chapter 3: Point at the End of Reality[edit]


Chapter 1 Minibosses[edit]

For everyone's sake, this is going to only list chapter 1 until the spoiler period is over. Thanks in advance!

Name Stage Weakness Difficulty
Dangerous Duck Defeat the Giant Spear Man! TBA
Piranhabiran Kingdom Crisis TBA
Gomeramos King Contra Base TBA
Hanabiran Twilight Terrace TBA
Gorilla Tank Skyhigh Ridge TBA
Tama Skyhigh Ridge TBA
Suzak and Fenix Skyhigh Ridge TBA
Twinshooter G Subterranean Stronghold TBA

Chapter 1 Bosses[edit]

Name Stage Weakness Difficulty
Giant spear man.png
Giant Spear Man Defeat the Giant Spear Man! TBA ★★
SRARA Up N' Down Mega City TBA ★★
adding more later - cut Thwomp Man Kingdom Crisis TBA ★★
Dethgerbis Contra Base TBA ★★
MaGMML3 HoneyWoman.png
Honey Woman Twilight Terrace TBA ★★
Doc Robot Overloaded Abandoned Lab TBA ★★★★
MaGMML3 Punk.png
Punk Subterranean Stronghold TBA ★★
Boomer Kuwanger Vertical Hunger TBA ★★
Giga Kwuangata Vertical Hunger TBA ★★

Chapter 2 Minibosses[edit]

Chapter 2 Bosses[edit]

Chapter 3 Minibbosses[edit]

Chapter 3 Bosses[edit]

Other Bosses[edit]

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