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Zero Mug
Zero Mug
Zero, Make a Good Mega Man Level 2
Zero, as seen in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2
In-Game Information
Misc. Information
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Yellow
Series Information
Zero as he appears in Make a Good Mega Man LevelZero as he appears in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2
"I hid myself while I repaired myself."
―Zero, Make a Good Mega Man Level 2

Zero is a joke character that first appeared in Make a Good Mega Man Level. Created at the expense of the actual Zero, his existence pokes fun at the tendency for fan-games to include the real Zero as some form of ultimate threat, with one of the more infamous examples being Mega Man Unlimited. Originally a hastily built decoy robot, built only to slow Mega Man's escape from Wily Castle, Zero reappears in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 as a major character, wearing a red cloak to conceal his identity. After gaining sentience and becoming angry at Wily for using and discarding him, Zero helps Mega Man out throughout the game, revealing his true identity once Wily has been stopped and Mega Man has collected all the Energy Elements possible at that point. He built his own fortress, which serves as one of the final challenges in the game.

He serves as both the final boss and the final Arena bonus boss in both games. He is the final boss at the end of Wily Stage 6 in the first game, and a strange remnant of him merged with the Trophy Machine appears at the end of the Arena. His creation, Absolute ZERO, serves as the true final boss of the second game, with a final joke form, "Zero Heart", appearing at the end of the True Arena. The threat level of his fights vary wildly.


Make a Good Mega Man Level[edit]

Wily Stage 6[edit]

Zero appears at the end of the stage after the Trophy Machine and Wily Capsule, serving as the final boss. When the battle begins, a silhouette of the real Zero drops down and gradually grows darker as Dr. Wily backs away, before revealing itself to be the much better version of Zero.

During the battle, Zero slides back and forth across the floor, occasionally firing a slow projectile at Mega Man, but neither collision nor the projectile can deal any actual damage to him. Despite this, it has no specific weakness, only taking 1 point of damage from anything (except Top Spin, which does nothing), including charged Mega Buster shots. However, thanks to the properties of Solar Blaze, hitting Zero with the big shot before it splits off will do two damage, making that technically its weakness.

After being defeated, Zero drops the last Energy Element, and the castle begins to self destruct. Mega Man realizes that the Zero was meant to be a decoy robot, and teleports away from the castle as usual.

M.Buster M.Blade G.Laser S.Flare T.Spin T.Wool B.H.Bomb P.Shot M.Card
1/1/1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1
Other Notes None


Zero Soul
Zero reappears as the end boss of the arena, 'fusing' with a trophy and gaining the power of all entries. Zero in battle randomly selects from any of eleven attacks per phase, with ten of those attacks being a reference to some entry (how well it's related varies), and the last one being a generic projectile. Zero Soul starts with 56 health and sticks to the floor, chasing Mega Man, and when he gets to half health, he will drop a Yasichi and begin to float and chase vertically as well as horizontally.

In his first phase, he will choose from these attacks:

In his second phase, he will choose from these attacks:

  • Shoots a bullet that bounces on the edge of the screen for a few seconds.
  • Spawns a damaging Quick Laser at Mega Man's height. (The Quickening)
  • Creates a random assortment of barriers destroyable by Special Weapons. Infamous for being able to clip Zero Soul out of the arena sometimes. (Maze of Death)
  • Summons the arcing bullet used by Pandeeta. (Under Construction)
  • Summons a spike that arcs down and explodes into a asterisk pattern of bullets. (Spiky Meltdown)
  • Summons a thunderbolt that splits into two small electric balls when it hits the ground. (Thunderclyffe Plant)
  • Spawns a black ball that explodes into two smaller pink balls when it hits the ground. (Research Facility)
  • Summons a few Ring Rings. (Citadel Basement)
  • Creates six black holes for a short amount of time. (Neon Gravity)
  • Summons a few Monty Moles. (Mega Man World)
  • Summons a falling crystal. (Glass Man)

M.Buster M.Blade G.Laser S.Flare T.Spin T.Wool B.H.Bomb P.Shot M.Card
1/1/2 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1
Other Notes None

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2[edit]

Zero as the Cloaked Man first appears after obtaining at least 10 Energy Elements. He leaves a note for Mega Man to meet him at Chateau Chanterelle. When Mega Man meets up with him, he discusses the power of the simulations and asserts that he is not plotting anything, but people like Dr. Wily could. He dodges the questions about his identity. When his spiel is over, he gives out an E Tank and leaves. He appears again after getting 38 Energy Elements, repeating his thoughts about the simulations and how they could be used for evil. His last appearance before the Wily Star II appears is after getting at least 52 Energy Elements. He continues delivering a soliloquy on the power of the simulations while Mega Man gets audibly frustrated at him.

After the Wily Star II appears and Dr. Light tells Mega Man that using Rush is not an option due to its force field, Zero appears once again, offering his advice. After Mega Man gets frustrated with him, Zero explains that the Energy Elements can cause volatile reactions when there are a lot in one place (hinting at the opening of Tier X), and that they could possibly use the power to get a spaceship that could sneak by Wily's forcefield undetected. Mega Man decides to roll with it, and it actually works. Zero then wishes Mega Man good luck, and is not seen again until Wily is defeated. After the credits roll, he appears outside of Dr. Light's lab and challenges Mega Man to get all the Energy Elements.

His last appearence is at the very end of the true final level, Null & Void. Here, he reveals that he was using Tier X and Null & Void as a base the whole time, to build an ultimate robot to challenge Mega Man to the greatest battle of all time. He explains that after his last meeting with Mega Man, he was inspired to have a true battle with him. He also explains that he was working on this before Dr. Wily began planning to attack the festival, and decided stopping Wily should be prioritized over the ultimate battle. He then summons his capsule containing Absolute ZERO, and the battle then begins.

After Absolute ZERO's defeat, he is revealed to have been piloting the robot with his cloak off, showing that he is truly Zero from the first game. He explains that after his first defeat, he hid himself while he repaired himself, and was able to help Mega Man thanks to him having access to Wily's plans, being a robot built by him. He then explains that now that the ultimate battle is complete, his purpose has been fulfilled, and his life is complete. He ascends to the heavens, accompanied by a rainbow and a completely normal sounding angelic choir. As he disappears into the aether, never to be seen again, he drops the final Energy Element.

Collecting his last Energy Element also unlocks him as a costume. True to the original Zero, the costume only ever uses one frame of animation. He can also use the Contest Weapon Data.

The True Arena[edit]

Absolute ZERO is fought as the final boss of The True Arena. His fight is just the same as the one in Null & Void, with the exception that after beating the last form, Absolute ZERO will suck Mega Man inside of his body, and a fight against Absolute ZERO's Heart will begin. However, the fight is just a ruse, because as soon as the fight begins, none of his attacks will actually harm Mega Man. After a few attacks, the heart just explodes.

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