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Make a Good Mega Man Level
Make a Good Mega Man Level
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"They started out as Mario contests, in both SMW and SMBX. One day I was drunk enough to be all like 'hahaha let's do that but with mega man!!' and the rest is history."
―SnoruntPyro, on the contest

Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest 2, or MaGMML2 for short, is the much more ambitious sequel event to Make a Good Mega Man Level, once again ran by SnoruntPyro. Like its predecessor, the premise of the contest was to build a Mega Man-style stage in Game Maker in an engine filled with premade assets. Unlike last time, WreckingProgram's Mega Engine, used with Game Maker 8.1 rather than 8.0, was used, and a team of programmers including The Stove Guy, Renhoek, ACESpark, Entity1037, and SnoruntPyro was assembled to build the devkit, allowing for a vastly expanded array of assets and a far more stable engine in general. The engine was made public unlike last time and boasted nearly every asset from the classic first six Mega Man games and then some.

The contest was judged by SnoruntPyro (the host of the contest), JupiHornet (a moderator of the SMBX forums and co-owner of the Geometry Dash Forums), Enjl (an active member of the SMBX forums and friend of Pyro), Garirry (active member of Sprites Inc. and participant in Mega Man Endless), and ACESpark (owner of Sprites Inc., confirmed furry and possibly British). When the contest's submission period came to a close, the final total was 81 levels, just over four times the amount of entries from the original contest.

The submission period closed on February 19th, 2017, with an extra nine days where users could submit levels late for a penalty to their averaged score (however, none ended up affecting anyone's score). The game was compiled and put together in a good enough state for Mega Man player Flashman85 to stream the results once again on May 20th and 21st, 2017. The game boasts a much larger hub than the previous one, featuring an actual festival with carnival-y tents and numerous skyscrapers and buildings by Dr. Light's Lab.

The game was finally released on October 1st, 2017, after some delays. While the contest itself was ran in Game Maker 8.1, the final game was released in Game Maker Studio, as porting became necessary as the game became too big for 8.1 itself to even handle it.


The game begins with exposition from Dr. Light about the nature of the festival and how much bigger it is than the first festival. The contest nature of the game is made clear by Dr. Light as he explains the various submissions as 'simulations' submitted as tributes to Mega Man in a celebration of the 30th anniversary since his first victory against Dr. Wily. Dr. Light and Mega Man expect that Dr. Wily will intervene, but there is currently no sign of him. After some more chat, Dr. Light lets Mega Man explore the festival on his own and gather more Energy Elements.

After a short period of time, Mega Man finds a note on the ground in the hub, telling him to go to Chateau Chevaleresque for some info. Once there, he meets a mysterious cloaked figure, who begins to ponder about the power of the simulations and warning Mega Man that something can go wrong, before leaving. Dr. Light also discovers an increase in space debris, and sends Rush to tell Mega Man this.

After two more encounters with the cloaked figure, each increasingly frustrating Mega Man due to the cloaked man being "extra" as the kids nowadays would say, things climax. Once 65 Energy Elements are collected, Dr. Wily reveals himself and unveils his newest fortress, the Wily Star II. He claims that the new fortress has the power to destroy reality, and he once again dares Mega Man to even get up to the fortress. Dr. Light discovers that the forcefield prevents Rush Space from getting through, but the cloaked figure intervenes. He explains that in the presence of each other, the Energy Elements will cause violent reactions, and are somewhat sentient in following the wishes of the holder. He and Mega Man use this to create a superpowered space ship to fly to the Wily Star, and Mega Man soon chases after Wily.

After fighting through five stages, Mega Man corners Wily, but Wily reveals the Reality Core, his device that can scramble reality. Mega Man attempts to sabotage it, but it is protected, and Wily decides to activate it, scrambling the world. Mega Man finds himself in a void, but Dr. Light is able to contact him and explain the situation. Mega Man then sets out to find several energy hotspots, which turn out to be areas based on the simulations. Soon, Mega Man is able to make it back to the fortress through the scrambled reality, and confront Wily. Wily battles Mega Man in the Wily Machine SWORD, before being defeated and deciding to take drastic measures. He activates the Reality Core once again, and warps the both of them to a mysterious place, where he tries to use the core's power to summon an evil version of Mega Man, but accidentally summons the Mega Man seen in Megaman Sprite Game instead. Sprite Game Mega Man, confused and insulted, blasts off Wily after he tries to order him around, but winds up battling Mega Man anyway. Once defeated, he gets sucked back to his home dimension, and the dimension Mega Man is in begins to collapse. Mega Man tries to teleport away, but finds out that teleportation is disabled.

Mega Man is taken out by the dimension collapsing, and Dr. Light loses his signal, getting very concerned. However, the Energy Elements react, and revive Mega Man and create an even more powerful spaceship, and they all chase after Wily once again. Once defeating Wily in his escape pod, the Reality Core fails to function, and begins to melt down. Dr. Wily slams his machine into Mega Man in a last ditch move, but the Reality Core explodes and unscrambles reality, taking Wily with it. He somehow survives. Mega Man is teleported back to the Wily Star II, where he escapes on the space bike just before the Wily Star is wiped from existence with the Reality Core's meltdown.

Once Mega Man returns to Earth, Dr. Light congratulates him, and says that now that that is over, the festival is in full swing. Mega Man is then challenged by the cloaked figure to obtain every Energy Element. If this is done, then Mega Man starts shaking as all of the Energy Elements fly to Tier 10. Mega Man chases after them, and meets up with Launch Man. The two observe every Energy Element converging in the sky, before spiraling and opening a mysterious portal to Tier X. Mega Man hops on Launch Man's back and they both warp through the portal. Mega Man then collects every Element in the unknown maze, unsealing the door to the final challenge, Null and Void.

Once Mega Man fights through Null and Void, he meets up with the cloaked figure for the last time, with Mega Man expressing clear exasperation and confusion as to how the cloaked figure got up here. The cloaked figure reveals his true intentions - he wanted to have a proper battle with Mega Man after their last duel was cut short, and he has created a gigantic robot for Mega Man to fight in the "ultimate battle". As the robot is slowly taken out and defeated, the cloaked figure reveals himself to be Zero from MaGMML1, who survived the castle's explosion. He reveals that he wanted to have a proper duel with Mega Man after the decoy fight from the last festival, but he decided to take action against Dr. Wily first once he knew he was going to do something. He also reveals that he discovered Tier X and created Null and Void with the power of the Energy Elements. Satisfied with himself, Zero claims that he has seen everything in life, and he ascends to the heavens, leaving the final Energy Element as he warps away. Mega Man returns from the portal back to home.


Gameplay is obviously like a typical Mega Man Classic game, with quality of life additions like quick weapon switching, a slide button, a charging up progress bar, and input display. Like MaGMML1, eight weapons were voted in to be Mega Man's default arsenal, along with four utility weapons. The main goal of each stage is to get the Energy Element (or multiple of them) at the end of each entry, and getting enough Energy Elements will, like MaGMML1, unlock Wily's Castle and a slew of other bonus features. There is also a new collectible similar to Dragon Coins from Super Mario World, the Noble Nickels. There can be up to five at any stage, and collecting certain numbers of them and taking them to Knight Man will grant numerous rewards. Also returning from MaGMML1 are purchasable upgrades and costumes, but now they are much larger in number.

Like its predecessor, each level is placed in a tier based on how high of a score it got and a hub world is used to connect them all. The hub world is much bigger than in MaGMML1 thanks to the larger number of entries. Some new unlockables also enrich the experience - the game introduces the Contest Weapon Data to the series, a set of unlockable weapons based off of the Robot Masters from submissions. It is also the first to have a large postgame, with Tier X being unlocked once all Energy Elements outside of it are collected, and with many more bonus bosses to fight.

Default Weapons[edit]

Weapon Original Robot Master Original Game
Flash Stopper Bright Man Mega Man 4
Slash Claw Slash Man Mega Man 7
Jewel Satellite Jewel Man Mega Man 9
Hornet Chaser Hornet Man Mega Man 9
Triple Blade Blade Man Mega Man 10
Wheel Cutter Nitro Man Mega Man 10
Grab Buster Mercury Mega Man V
Sakugarne Quint Mega Man II
Rush Coil N/A Mega Man 3
Rush Jet N/A Mega Man 4 (Variant)
Wire Adapter N/A Mega Man 4
Super Arrow N/A Mega Man 5

Alternate Weapons[edit]

Weapon Original Robot Master
Cyber Distorter Cyber Man
Force Beam Force Man
Badge Barrier Sheriff Man
Haunt Pumpkin Haunt Man
Truffle Cluster Truffle Man
Hazard Trapper Quarantine Woman
Neapolitan Bomb Neapolitan Man
Match Blast Match Man
Rush Coil N/A
Rush Jet N/A
Chomp Claw Chomp Man
Carry N/A (from Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge)


Part of the city, near Tier 7.

The hub in the second game is much larger than the first game's. Instead of being confined to Dr. Light's Lab, it includes the lab and much of its surroundings, including an outdoor festival grounds and a part of Mega City. Light's Lab from the first game is accessible, and Eddie's Shop is still open, but most of the lab, including the attic, has been blocked off, and there are many boxes laying around. Outside of the lab, the whole hub is one straight line that has plenty of landmarks, including the ten Tiers, all placed around. The tier order is shuffled compared to the first game, for geographical and exploration reasons.

Like MaGMML1, NPCs gradually show up as more Energy Elements are obtained. They appear all around the main hub and at Chataeu Chevalresque, the game's equivalent to Dr. Light's attic. The bar is run by Knight Man, and as expected, many NPCs such as defeated tier bosses show up. The player can also exchange Noble Nickels here for rewards, as well as get tips for the remaining nickels via Crystal Man. Another landmark is the Dojo, which houses all of the Arenas, plus revisits to the Wily Stages once they are clear.



Entry Middle Bosses[edit]

These are original bosses that are encountered during the stages.

Name Stage Weakness
Air Devil Launch and Shuttle Man Jewel Satellite / Flash Stopper
Big Fire Telly Conveyor Madness Wire Adaptor
Disco Ball Neon Man Wire Adaptor
Hall Master Quarantine Woman Sakugarne
Healthy Giant Metool Ruined Lab Jewel Satellite
Hot Dog Red & Green Rad Gravity Sakugarne
King Mush Truffle Man Sakugarne
Komuso Man 2 Smed's Big Annoying Mess of a Level Slash Claw
Mixerlydia Neapolitan Man Flash Stopper / Wheel Cutter
Mob Room Joe Man Flash Stopper
Super Cannopeller Conveyor Madness Super Arrow
Turbo Roost Launch and Shuttle Man Flash Stopper / Sakugarne
Twin Big Snakey Ruined Lab Flash Stopper / Sakugarne / Triple Blade
Warp Anomaly Cyber Man N/A

Devkit Bosses[edit]

These are the default bosses supplied with the Devkit for either editing purposes or straight placement in the stage. They were usually picked for variety in patterns and actions.

Name Stage Weakness Original Game
Cut Man Arena Only Grab Buster Mega Man
Guts Man Colorful Hall Flash Stopper Mega Man
Metal Man Quint Stage, Candy Panic Jewel Satellite / Wheel Cutter Mega Man 2
Crash Man Duwang Wire Adapter Mega Man 2
Gemini Man Arena Only Wheel Cutter Mega Man 3
Top Man Quint Stage Slash Claw Mega Man 3
Pharaoh Man Arena Only Flash Stopper Mega Man 4
Toad Man Biplane Bay Slash Claw Mega Man 4
Gravity Man Sector Upsilon 6 Jewel Satellite Mega Man 5
Plant Man Arena Only Triple Blade Mega Man 6
Centaur Man Arena Only Wheel Cutter Mega Man 6
Splash Woman Arena Only Hornet Chaser Mega Man 9
Chill Man Crystal Lab, Cardinal Man, Nitrogen Man Jewel Satellite Mega Man 10
Volt Man Cursor Curse, Poorly Named Level, Gigavolt Man, Wily Tower Slash Claw Mega Man PC
Komuso Man Komuso Temple, Wily Tower, A Mega Man for All Seasons Grab Buster Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future
Mecha Dragon But it Lacked the Depth, Dragon Lab Lair, City Under Siege, Sector Upsilon 6 Hornet Chaser Mega Man 2
Quint Quint Stage, Airflow Hubble, Wily Tower Sakugarne Mega Man II

Entry Bosses[edit]

(For more details on these bosses, see the List of MaGMML2 Entry Bosses)

Main Path Bosses[edit]

These are original bosses that guard a level exit in some way.

Name Stage Weakness
Boil Man Boil Man Wheel Cutter
Bond Man Bond Man Triple Blade
Boss Whopper Orbital Station Hornet Chaser / Triple Blade / Flash Stopper
Boundin' Crash Man Bouncy Castle Sakugarne
Bowser SMB3 Super Arrow / Wheel Cutter
Captain Viridian Sector Upsilon 6 Grab Buster / Flash Stopper
CATS AD 2101 Slash Claw / Flash Stopper
CentiPeder Tower Beneath Sand and Rock Super Arrow
Chomp Man Chomp Man Jewel Satellite
Cirno Misty Lake Jewel Satellite
Color Man Something Original Sakugarne / Flash Stopper
Combust Man Combust Man Hornet Chaser
Crator Yggdrasil Slash Claw / Triple Blade
Cream Yggdrasil Mega Buster
Crusher Joe Conveyor Madness Slash Claw
Cursor Boss Cursor Curse Jewel Satellite
Cyber Man Cyber Man Hornet Chaser
Doc Robot MK2 Ruined Lab Jewel Satellite / Super Arrow / Wire Adaptor
Donut X Donut Observation Center Flash Stopper
Fake Guts Duo Guts Man's Asteroid Sakugarne / Slash Claw / Flash Stopper
Final Toad Smed's Big Annoying Mess of a Level Mega Buster
Force Man Force Man Slash Claw
Groovity Man Rad Gravity Jewel Satellite
Haunt Man (Knight) Haunt Man Slash Claw
Haunt Man (Mage) Haunt Man Triple Blade
Haunt Man Haunt Man Hornet Chaser
Joe Man Joe Man Slash Claw
Kelbesque Mount Sabre Slash Claw / Wire Adaptor
Kichona Yggdrasil Wheel Cutter
Launch Man Launch and Shuttle Man Jewel Satellite
Shuttle Man Launch and Shuttle Man Super Arrow
Match Man Gunpowder Cellar Grab Buster
Napalm Man MK 2 Conveyor Madness Wheel Cutter / Sakugarne
Neapolitan Man Neapolitan Man Grab Buster / Flash Stopper
Neon Man Neon Man Wheel Cutter / Wire Adaptor
Pharaoh Man's Revenge The Stage Nobody Asked For Flash Stopper
Quarantine Woman Quarantine Woman Grab Buster / Slash Claw / Flash Stopper
Rainbow Alien Alien Temple Hornet Chaser / Flash Stopper
Sheriff Man Sheriff Man Super Arrow / Slash Claw / Grab Buster
Spiked-Wall Man The Stage Nobody Asked For Sakugarne
Taco Man Taco Man Triple Blade / Flash Stopper
The Kid Spiky Situation Wheel Cutter / Slash Claw / Sakugarne
Top Man AS Holy Crap! Mega Man Can Air Slide!? Jewel Satellite / Wheel Cutter / Slash Claw / Sakugarne
Truffle Man Truffle Man Wheel Cutter

Optional Bosses[edit]

These are bosses that are not fought on the main level path.

Name Stage Weakness
Alter Man Identity Crisis Wheel Cutter
Air Capsule II Boil Man Wire Adaptor
Avoidance Cherry Spiky Situation N/A
Dennis Launch and Shuttle Man Sakugarne / Flash Stopper
Joe Man R Joe Man Slash Claw
Gangly Crash Man Forgotten Fortress Wire Adaptor

Other Bosses[edit]

Name Stage Weakness
Wishing Star Twilight Lodge Sakugarne
The Moon Tier 10 Super Arrow
Glass Man Tier 10 Grab Buster
Birdo Tier 10 Slash Claw
Quick Man Arena Only Flash Stopper
Gamma Arena Boss Slash Claw
Volt Man Zombies Arena Boss Buster
Volt Man Assimilator Arena Boss Slash Claw

Tier Bosses[edit]

Name Tier Weakness Original Game
Milk Tier 1 Grab Buster Mega Man Square Root of Negative One
Ombuds Man Tier 2 Triple Blade Mega Man 42
Door Man Tier 3 Jewel Satellite Mega Man Rocks!
Scorch Men
(Sunrise / Zook Hero Z)
Tier 4 Slash Claw Mega Man Sunrise & Zook Hero Z
Lord Elewoofro Tier 5 Sakugarne Dr. Wily's Final Attack
Cheat Man Tier 6 Flash Stopper Mega Man CX
Ghost of Christmas Future Tier 7 Hornet Chaser Megaman's Christmas Carol
Jet Man Tier 8 Super Arrow
Wire Adapter
Rokko Chan
Butter Nezumi Tier 9 Wheel Cutter Nezumi Man

Fortress Bosses[edit]

Wily Star II Mid Stage Bosses:

Name Stage Weakness
Super Dachone Stage 5 Sakugarne
Holo Dragon Stage 6 Grab Buster / Sakugarne
Bondoe Chimera Stage 6 Triple Blade
Chombust Chimera Stage 6 Slash Claw
Neapolitine Chimera Stage 6 Grab Buster
Matchforce Chimera Stage 6 Grab Buster
Cybriff Chimera Stage 6 Grab Buster

Wily Star II Bosses:

Name Stage Weakness
Vanguard Stage 0 Slash Claw
Mecha Bubble Stage 1 Hornet Chaser
Btd'nhan Stage 2 Grab Buster
Riplings Stage 3 Grab Buster
Autobounce Stage 4 Varies
Seven Force - Barbarian Force Stage 5 Wheel Cutter
Seven Force - Piranha Force Stage 5 Triple Blade
Seven Force - Solar Force Stage 5 Jewel Satellite
Seven Force - Falcon Force Stage 5 Grab Buster / Wire Adaptor
Seven Force - Lobster Force Stage 5 Slash Claw
Seven Force - Devil Force Stage 5 Hornet Chaser / Wire Adaptor
Seven Force - Sakugarne Force Stage 5 Sakugarne
Wily Machine SWORD Stage 6 Super Arrow/Varies
megaman sprite game Stage 6 Triple Blade
Wily Core Stage 6 None

Tier X Bosses[edit]

Tier X Mid Stage Bosses:

Name Stage Weakness
Air Man Mario World Jewel Satelite
Skullder Goblins N' Ghasts Slash Claw (1) / Grab Buster (2)
Copy Hologram Null & Void Grab Buster
Die Sign Null & Void Super Arrow
Fire Man Null & Void Grab Buster
Literally Just a Bee Null & Void Hornet Chaser
Twin Shooters Null & Void Grab Buster
Stone Butterfly Null & Void N/A

Tier X Bosses:

Name Stage Weakness
Coyote Man Coyote Man Wire Adapter
Excalibur Man Goblins N' Ghasts Wheel Cutter / Sakugarne / Wire Adaptor
Gigabgyo Metallic Ocean Slash Claw / Wire Adaptor
Holo Wily Mario Land Grab Buster
Mega Air Man Mario Land Jewel Satellite
Ronrez Swiss Hotel Flash Stopper
Toad Man Revenge Hardcore Parkour Super Arrow / Sakugarne
Volt Man MK2 Nightwalk Castle Grab Buster / Wire Adaptor
Absolute Zero Null & Void Triple Blade (1) / Wheel Cutter (2) / Slash Claw (3) // None (4)

Cheat Mode Bosses[edit]

These are bosses which are only found using the Surprise Bosses cheat.

Name Weakness
Pink Toad Man Wheel Cutter
Make a Good Mega Man Level 2
Mega ManProto ManBassRollDr. LightDr. WilyZero
List of Dev Kit Bosses
Cut ManGuts ManMetal ManCrash ManPharaoh ManToad ManGravity Man

Plant ManCentaur ManSplash WomanChill ManVolt ManKomuso ManMecha DragonQuint

Tier Bosses
MilkOmbuds ManDoor Man • Scorch Men (Sunrise & Zook Hero Z)Lord ElewoofroCheat ManGhost of Christmas FutureJet ManButter Nezumi
Special Weapons
Flash StopperSlash ClawJewel SatelliteHornet ChaserTriple BladeWheel CutterGrab BusterSakugarne
Support Weapons
Rush CoilRush JetWire AdapterSuper Arrow
List of Enemies
- Dev Kit Sub-bosses -
AnkoHot DogBig SnakeyTamaPenpen Maker Giant MetallKabatoncueWhopperEscaroo

MobyOctoper OA OctobossDachoneMetall PottonGamarn and GamadayuGorilla Tank

Removed Content
Scorch Man (Eternal)
Davwin ArmaniosList of MaGMML2 Entry BossesZero