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It is your destiny! This article contains content on an upcoming game. Beware of any potential spoilers!

The logo for the contest.

Make a Good Mega Man Level 3 (or MaGMML3 for short) is the upcoming third installment in the Make a Good Mega Man Level series, co-hosted by Mick Galbani and ACESpark. Like its predecessors, the game will feature community-created levels submitted as part of a level design contest. The contest will be judged by Mick Galbani, ACESpark, Flashman85, Pachy, and Shinryu. Several elements from MaGMML2, including costumes and the Pit of Pits, are expected to return.

The 2018 contest officially began on September 22, with November 25 being the submission deadline. Participants are encouraged to join the official MaGMML3 Discord for discussions and updates. The public beta for the Megamix Engine, which serves as the basis for MaGMML3's engine, was released on July 11th, while its official full release was on September 15th, a week before the submission period.


During the development of MaGMML2, host SnoruntPyro made the decision that she would not host the next contest, citing the stresses of hosting and a desire to participate in the next contest as reasons for stepping down. Mick Galbani, a community favorite for the position, stepped up to host MaGMML3. Planning for the third game began even before the second game was released, and a community feedback poll following the release of MaGMML2 was used to inform some of the planning for MaGMML3.

On October 29, 2017, ACESpark was invited to co-host and judge MaGMML3, based on the overwhelmingly positive response to his contributions to the second game. Applications for the remaining three judge slots were announced on November 6, 2017.[1] In Stage 1 of the application process, applicants were given three weeks to judge the seven MaGMML3 Judge Application Levels, providing written comments and rating the levels based on a rubric. Of the 19 applicants, 11 moved on to Stage 2, where they submitted a sample of their Mega Man level design ability—either a level designed specifically for the application, or one they had already created. The submission deadline for Stage 2 was December 23, 2017; within 24 hours, Stage 2 applicants received a notification of the results, accompanied by brief comments on why they were or were not selected. At the same time, it was announced to the public that Flashman85, Pachy, and Shinryu would be judging MaGMML3 alongside Mick Galbani and ACESpark.

On August 24, 2018, the contest rules were announced, along with every previous and current main series judge offering recommendations for the upcoming submissions. Notable rule changes include:

  • The submission period has been extended by an undetermined amount. (announced on Discord only)
  • The late submission period has been drastically reduced to 7 days.
  • Minor edits of devkit levels, such as Ancient Tomb, are no longer permitted.
  • Noble Nickels have been replaced with Trickster Tokens, for which the per-level limit is still 5.
  • Scoring is once again out of 100, with Creativity losing half of its original weight. Its 15 points were distributed evenly between Design, Fun, and Aesthetics.

On September 15, 2018, the devkit was released and the contest dates were announced.

On September 22, 2018, the submission form opened to the public, officially marking the opening of the contest.

On November 26, 2018, the deadline for submissions passed, though this was followed by a grace period where late submissions/resubmissions were accepted at the cost of a score penalty, the percentage of which increased with each day. This grace period ended at 11:59 EST on December 2, 2018.


A total of 176 valid entries were submitted, with an additional 14 being excluded or pulled for various reasons. This makes Make a Good Mega Man Level 3 the largest MaGMML contest to date.

  • A piece of cake, but with aesthetics
  • Abandoned Mine
  • Access Corridor Alpha
  • Air man's ultimate weapon
  • Akudama Empire Mothership
  • Alpine Weather Institute
  • Alraune Woman
  • An Ice Cave in Russia
  • An Underwater Adventure? Wow!
  • Arcade Archives
  • ArcaneMan -Chaos Tower- [CERN HQ Remains]
  • Assault Hunt
  • Bakery Man
  • Ballade's Square of Doom
  • Banshee Woman
  • Beat The Security System
  • Beet Man
  • Blizzard Resort
  • Bold and Trash
  • Boost Man
  • Bright Man Remix
  • Cable Woman
  • Call Me Ishmael
  • Cassette Man
  • Chaos Light City
  • Checkmate
  • Chemical Industry
  • Cloud Nine
  • CrashMan Simulator
  • Creatively Named Level
  • Crest Man
  • Crosshair Aware
  • Crystal Tower
  • Cursed Darkness
  • Cutman's New Warehouse
  • Cycle Facility
  • Damp Ruins
  • Dangan Factory
  • Dark Castle
  • Decoy Man
  • Devil Factory
  • Disobedience of Superior Machines
  • Doorkman
  • Dunes of Discharge
  • Escape From the Wily City
  • Evil Energy Facility
  • Explosives Factory
  • Fairly Unfocused Newcomer's Bosses And Gimmicks Stage
  • Falling System Core
  • Fight, Kikkoman! For Everlasting Sauce!
  • Flamboyant Castle
  • Foo Man
  • Forgotten Factory
  • Frenzy Reactor
  • Froggy Gravity
  • Fruit Forest
  • Geek Man
  • Get Wet, Get Wild
  • Gilded Man
  • Girder Man Stage
  • Glass Factory
  • Glitched up Beta
  • Glitz Woman
  • Grand Fire Palace
  • Grassy Plains
  • Gravauqa2o
  • Gravity Wumbo
  • Gross Incandescence
  • Guitar Man
  • Hazard Hydro
  • Hit the Jackpot!
  • Hornet Man got a new Stage
  • House of Fun
  • Hunter Tower
  • I Hope I Lose: A Grand Tale
  • Identity Man
  • Interspatial Compression
  • Irrigation Irritation
  • It Was Rated Arr
  • Judgement Man
  • Just a Water Level
  • Lost Caverns of Jungata
  • Luminous Tower Ascent
  • Mafia Man's Gambling Palace
  • Malware Man
  • Magmatic Panic
  • mechanical factory
  • Mediocre Oil Level
  • Mega Man DEV
  • Metal Man Steals Other People's Conveyors
  • Metall Man's Metall Factory
  • Military Training Grounds
  • Mine exploration
  • Mint Candy Matrix
  • Mirror Woman
  • My First Megamix Level uwu xd lmao >dab<
  • Ninja of the Night
  • Not Delivering on Promises
  • Nowhere yet everywhere: When the world may loop
  • Operation: Narcissistic Stratosphere
  • Outer Reaches
  • Pick Your Poison
  • Pipe Man
  • Plataform Hijinks
  • PoudrinMan
  • Propeller Woman in the City in the Clouds
  • Pumpkin Patches
  • QuintsMetFactory
  • Radium Man
  • Rec Man
  • Red Mountain
  • Revenge of Tricastle
  • Robogarden
  • Rockbound Facility
  • Rock Fortress
  • Ruins of a Forbidden Kingdom
  • Secluded Terminal
  • Shape Woman
  • Skull Sans Megatale 4
  • Skull Secret Zone
  • Sludge Man
  • Solar Inferno
  • Somewhere Underground
  • Sparks and Sockets
  • Spectrum Science
  • Stalks, Shoots, and Leaves
  • Stalling for time
  • Step on the Gas
  • Stolen Citadel
  • Sulfurific Abyss
  • Superheavy Samurai Big BenK
  • Suzy Love
  • Technical Support
  • Teetering Over the Edge
  • Temple of Light and Dark
  • The Actual Rock Man
  • The Cave Level That Exists
  • The Haymay Trials
  • The Heist
  • The hero as remixed
  • The Invincible Robot Army! Featuring Shoe Man!
  • The King's Lair
  • The Level Equivalent of An Old Man Rambling at You
  • The Return Of Veteran Z
  • The Stormscraper
  • The Warped Void
  • Thermal Tundra
  • Top Man 2: Spin or Go Home
  • Tower of Dimentions
  • Toxic Trouble
  • Trailblazer
  • Treading The Wily Sewer System
  • Trouble in the Fortress
  • Undead Fortress
  • Ultimate Level
  • Underground Runaround
  • Unguarded Treasure
  • Up Down All Around
  • Walk-in Freezer
  • Water Level? Ice Level?
  • Weapon Data Center
  • Western Railway
  • wet
  • Wide Joepen
  • Wily in space (Roll's rescue)
  • Wily Rooms Of Weapons
  • Wily's Haunted Castle
  • Wilys Redemption
  • Wily's Well-fortified Room
  • Where no met has gone before
  • Working in the Rain
  • Worthless Man
  • X6Meme
  • Y.M.C.A.
  • You Don't Know The Drill

Disqualified Entries[edit]

  • Worthless Man was not ranked in the contest, as the level contained flashing lights that triggered migranes in both one of the judges, ACESpark, and his proxy player, Loyana, preventing the former from giving the level a score.

Excluded Entries[edit]

  • "QuintsMoonBase", "Black Terminus" and "Chase Sequence" were all pulled by their creators and replaced with new levels.
    • "4'33"" was also pulled by its creator, though they did not submit a new level in its place.
  • "Thrilling", "*NEW* EPIC BATTLE ROYALE MODE IN MEGA MAN!", "A Mess of a Stage", "USM", and "Cardinal Man III" were excluded for being troll levels. In addition, "USM" contained written NSFW content, "*NEW* EPIC BATTLE ROYALE MODE IN MEGA MAN!" contained a threatening message aimed at the judges, and "Cardinal Man III" contained areas prone to significant performance issues (e.g. slowdown).
  • "Curse of the Statuettes" was excluded for containing horribly broken screen transitions that were impossible to fix.
  • "Boundless Network" and "Warehouse of Breakthroughs" were both excluded for containing custom or modified weapons (Boundless Network replaced the weapons system with a Battle Network chip weapon system, and Warehouse of Breakthroughs limited the player to a modified Break Dash).
  • "22 Short Screens Without Sniper Joes" was excluded for containing an explicit drug reference (an image of Kermit the Frog snorting rows of cocaine).
  • "Turbo Trickery Tower" was excluded for a high level of difficulty deemed malicious, with fundamental alterations necessary for the level to be accessible for the game's target audience.

Special Weapons[edit]

On November 23, 2017, the poll for the game's weapon set was opened, lasting for 2 weeks until it was closed on December 7, 2017.

Weapon Original Robot Master Original Game
SparkChaserIcon.png Spark Chaser Terra Mega Man V
LaserTridentIconColouredT.png Laser Trident Splash Woman Mega Man 9
WaterShieldIconColouredT.png Water Shield Pump Man Mega Man 10
TornadoBlowIconColouredT.png Tornado Blow Tornado Man Mega Man 9
ThunderBeamIcon.png Thunder Beam Elec Man Mega Man 1
MagneticShockwaveIcon.png Magnetic Shockwave Onslaught Marvel vs. Capcom
IceWallIcon.png Ice Wall Cold Man Mega Man & Bass
BreakDashIconColouredT.png Break Dash Pluto Mega Man V
RushCoilIcon.png Rush Coil N/A Mega Man 3
RushJetIcon.png Rush Jet N/A Mega Man 4 (Variant)
RushBikeIcon.png Rush Bike N/A Mega Man 8
MagnetBeamIcon.png Magnet Beam N/A Mega Man 1


Devkit Enemies[edit]




Devkit Minibosses[edit]


Name Location Original Game
Giant Metall Cannon TBA Mega Man IV
Gundrill TBA Mega Man V
Hyoey TBA Mega Man V
Tyhorn TBA Mega Man V
T. Khamen TBA Mega Man V
Mad Grinder TBA Mega Man 7
Shirokumachine GTV TBA Mega Man 7
Truck Joe TBA Mega Man 7
Melody Response Cannon TBA Mega Man & Bass
Bee Blader TBA Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
Combiloid TBA Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
Doc Kumo TBA Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
Knuckle Duster TBA Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
Octo Generator TBA Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
Stompy TBA Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
Twin Shooter G TBA Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
Changkey Dragon TBA Mega Man 9
Hanabiran TBA Mega Man 9
Paozo TBA Mega Man 9
Stone Head TBA Mega Man 9
Octobulb TBA Mega Man 10
Suzak & Fenix TBA Mega Man 10
The Keeper TBA Mega Man 10
Tricastle TBA Mega Man 10



Devkit Gimmicks[edit]

Every single devkit gimmmick from Make a Good Mega Man Level and Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 returns.

Name Location Original Game
Quick Lighting TBA Mega Man 2
Fire Spike TBA Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
Icicle TBA Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
Super Cutter Revenge TBA Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
Kamegoro Tornado Spawner TBA Mega Man 3
Train Shake TBA Mega Man 5
Angle Platform TBA Mega Man IV
Fluorescent Bulb TBA Mega Man IV
Fuse Platform TBA Mega Man IV
Guts Hover TBA Mega Man IV
Hunter Platform TBA Mega Man IV
Move Hover TBA Mega Man IV
Napalm TBA Mega Man IV
Bubble Floor TBA Mega Man V
Girder TBA Mega Man V
Kamapot TBA Mega Man V
Mercury Block TBA Mega Man V
Landmine TBA Mega Man V
Room Low Gravity TBA Mega Man V
Tyhorn Platform TBA Mega Man V
Uranus Platform TBA Mega Man V
Venus Waterfall TBA Mega Man V
Controllable Lift TBA Mega Man 7
Junk Machine TBA Mega Man 7
Junk Magnet TBA Mega Man 7
Junk Platform TBA Mega Man 7
Revealing Tiles TBA Mega Man 7
Astro Switch TBA Mega Man 8
Astro Door TBA Mega Man 8
Skull Elevator TBA Mega Man 8
Skull Switch TBA Mega Man 8
Tengu Wind TBA Mega Man 8
Astro Wall TBA Mega Man & Bass
Conveyor TBA Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
Dangan Platform TBA Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
Konro Platform TBA Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
Oil Slick TBA Mega Man Powered Up
Switch Ball TBA Mega Man Powered Up
Switch Block TBA Mega Man Powered Up
Copter Platform TBA Mega Man 9
Gravity Lift TBA Mega Man 9
Hanabiran Clock Arm TBA Mega Man 9
Hornet Roll TBA Mega Man 9
Jewel Platform TBA Mega Man 9
Magma Beam TBA Mega Man 9
Wily 4 Laser TBA Mega Man 9
Blade Man Seesaw TBA Mega Man 10
Commando Mine TBA Mega Man 10

Nitro Truck TBA Mega Man 10
Nitro Truck Signal TBA Mega Man 10
Sheep Conveyor TBA Mega Man 10
Sheep Platform TBA Mega Man 10
Strike Man Soccer Ball TBA Mega Man 10
Tackle Fire Dispenser TBA Mega Man 10


Devkit Bosses[edit]

Every single devkit boss from Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 returns, as well as Quick Man from Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level.

Name Location Weakness Original Game
MaGMML3 IceMan.png
Ice Man TBA Thunder Beam Mega Man 1
MaGMML3 BombMan.png
Bomb Man TBA Magnetic Shockwave Mega Man 1
Fire Man TBA Ice Wall Mega Man 1
Air Man TBA Spark Chaser Mega Man 2
MaGMML3 BubbleMan.png
Bubble Man TBA Spark Chaser
Thunder Beam
Mega Man 2
MaGMML3 FlashMan.png
Flash Man TBA Magnetic Shockwave Mega Man 2
MaGMML3 HeatMan.png
Heat Man TBA Water Shield
Ice Wall
Mega Man 2
MaGMML3 WoodMan.png
Wood Man TBA Tornado Blow Mega Man 2
MaGMML3 PicopicoKun.png
Picopico-kun TBA Water Shield
Magnetic Shockwave
Mega Man 2
MaGMML3 GutsDozer.png
Guts Dozer TBA Laser Trident Mega Man 2
MaGMML3 BooBeam.png
Boobeam Trap TBA User Determined Mega Man 2
MaGMML3 Enker.png
Enker TBA Magnetic Shockwave Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
MaGMML3 HardMan.png
Hard Man TBA Magnetic Shockwave Mega Man 3
MaGMML3 Spark.png
Spark Man TBA Laser Trident Mega Man 3
MaGMML3 KamegoroMaker.png
Kamegoro Maker TBA Spark Chaser
Tornado Blow
Break Dash
Mega Man 3
MaGMML3 DynaMan.png
Dyna Man TBA Water Shield
Magnetic Shockwave
Mega Man (DOS)
MaGMML3 SonicMan.png
Sonic Man TBA Spark Chaser Mega Man (DOS)
MaGMML3 DustMan.png
Dust Man TBA Tornado Blow Mega Man 4
MaGMML3 MetallDaddy.png
Metall Daddy TBA Laser Trident Mega Man 4
MaGMML3 GiantSuzy.png
Giant Suzy TBA Thunder Beam Mega Man III
MaGMML3 Punk.png
Punk TBA Magnetic Shockwave Mega Man III
Iron Ball TBA Thunder Beam Mega Man: The Wily Wars
MaGMML3 GyroMan.png
Gyro Man TBA Tornado Blow Mega Man 5
MaGMML3 StoneMan.png
Stone Man TBA Break Dash Mega Man 5
MaGMML3 DarkMan4.png
Dark Man 4 TBA Magnetic Shockwave Mega Man 5
MaGMML3 Ballade.png
Ballade TBA Break Dash Mega Man IV
MaGMML3 HunterA.png
Hunter Type A TBA Thunder Beam Mega Man IV
MaGMML3 HunterB.png
Hunter Type B TBA Magnetic Shockwave Mega Man IV
MaGMML3 Blizzard.png
Blizzard Man TBA Laser Trident Mega Man 6
MaGMML3 YamatoMan.png
Yamato Man TBA Laser Trident Mega Man 6
MaGMML3 Rounder2.png
Rounder II TBA Laser Trident Mega Man 6
MaGMML3 PowerPiston.png
Power Piston TBA Spark Chaser
Thunder Beam
Mega Man 6
MaGMML3 Mercury.png
Mercury TBA Tornado Blow Mega Man V
MaGMML3 Saturn.png
Saturn TBA Thunder Beam Mega Man V
MaGMML3 Uranus.png
Uranus TBA Break Dash Mega Man V
MaGMML3 GreyDevil.png
Grey Devil TBA Thunder Beam Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
MaGMML3 Dangan.png
Dangan Man TBA Water Shield
Ice Wall
Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
MaGMML3 Oil.png
Oil Man TBA Water Shield Mega Man Powered Up
MaGMML3 HornetMan.png
Hornet Man TBA Ice Wall Mega Man 9
MaGMML3 SharkPreview.png
Mega Mech Shark TBA Laser Trident
Tornado Blow
Mega Man 9
MaGMML3 HoneyWoman.png
Honey Woman TBA Ice Wall Mega Man 9 (Unused Boss)
MaGMML3 CommandoMan.png
Commando Man TBA Break Dash Mega Man 10
MaGMML3 SolarMan.png
Solar Man TBA Water Shield Mega Man 10

Other Bosses[edit]

Name Location Weakness
Break Man The Minor Boss Arena TBA
Yellow Devil The Fortress Guardian Arena TBA

See Also[edit]


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